As part of doing my bit for local democracy I though I would follow up my list of City of Edinburgh Councillors with Twitter accounts with a list of Councillors who have a blog, not all are active:

CouncillorPolitical PartyBlog title
Elaine AitkenConservative  N/A
Ewan AitkenLabourAitken's Edinburgh
Robert C AldridgeLib-Dem  N/A
Jeremy R BalfourConservative  N/A
Eric BarryLabour  N/A
Angela BlacklockLabourCouncillor Angela Blacklock's Blog
Mike BridgmanSNP  N/A
Deidre BrockSNP  N/A
Gordon BuchanConservative  N/A
Tom BuchananSNP  N/A
Steve BurgessGreen  N/A
Andrew BurnsLabourCouncillor Andrew Burns' Really Bad Blog
Ronald CairnsSNP  N/A
Steve CardownieSNP  N/A
Maggie ChapmanGreenMaggie Chapman: an African abroad
Maureen M ChildLabour  N/A
Joanna ColemanLib-Dem  N/A
Bill CookLabour  N/A
Jennifer A DaweLib-Dem  N/A
Cammy DayLabourCammy Day - Your Labour Councillor Forth Ward
Charles DundasLib-Dem  N/A
Paul G EdieLib-DemPaul Edie's Blog
Nick Elliott-CannonSNP  N/A
Paul GodzikLabour  N/A
George GrubbLib-Dem  N/A
Norma HartLabour  N/A
Stephen HawkinsLib-Dem  N/A
Ricky HendersonLabourRicky Henderson
Lesley HindsLabour  N/A
Allan G JacksonConservative  N/A
Alison JohnstoneGreen  N/A
Colin KeirSNP  N/A
Louise LangLib-DemCouncillor Louise Lang
Jim LowrieLib-Dem  N/A
Gordon MackenzieLib-DemGordon Mackenzie
Kate MacKenzieConservative  N/A
Marilyne A MacLarenLib-Dem  N/A
Mark McInnesConservative  N/A
Stuart Roy McIvorSNP  N/A
Tim McKayLib-DemCouncillor Tim McKay
Eric MilliganLabour  N/A
Elaine MorrisSNP  N/A
Joanna MowatConservative  N/A
Rob MunnSNP  N/A
Gordon J MunroLabour  N/A
Alastair PaisleyConservative  N/A
Gary PeacockLib-Dem  N/A
Ian PerryLabour  N/A
Alasdair RankinSNP  N/A
Cameron RoseConservativeSouthside & Newington Newsblog
Jason G RustConservative  N/A
Conor SnowdenLib-Dem  N/A
Marjorie ThomasLib-Dem  N/A
Stefan TymkewyczSNP  N/A
Phil WheelerLib-Dem  N/A
Iain WhyteConservative  N/A
Donald WilsonLabourDonald Wilson's blog
Norrie WorkSNP  N/A

If you spot any errors, please let me know.

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Please note: this post was written before the before the 2012 elections, so some of those above are no longer Councillors, when I find time, I may get around to updating the list in a new post.

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