More on cycle parking…

More on cycle parking…

Just over a year ago I wrote a post on cycle parking (Cycle parking, please can we have more…), since then I have been thinking about it a lot, basically every time I have to lug one of my bikes up the stairs to my flat, I wish we had the cycle storage at ground level. I keep looking round trying find a solution and I think I may just have found one: the Cycledock. This is just the sort of thing I had in mind a year ago when I wrote the first post, all I need to do now is find a way of getting City of Edinburgh Council to put one in my street! So Councillor Mackenzie, cycle parking, please can we have some in your ward?

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2 thoughts on “More on cycle parking…

  1. I think that’s part of the reason people think they ‘need’ cars: The infrastructure for bikes isn’t just about lanes, but secure storage. I’d be unable to keep a Bakfiest without having access to a Garage, for example, and even the Xtracycle is a pain to lug up a flight of stairs.
    I wonder how many people would use a cargo/child capable bike if they could just be sure of keeping it safe…

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