Some public bike hire schemes in Europe

Some public bike hire schemes in Europe

I recently came across this infographic on public bike hire schemes for city bike holidays in Europe and thought I would try it out here (see below). The interesting thing about this is that companies like Momondo see cycle tourism as something worth promoting as there is money in it. Now if I can just get the same message across to the City of Edinburgh Council, maybe Edinburgh could start to realise more of it’s potential instead of sliding backwards. Edinburgh has the potential to be a world class city, instead of being a sleeping beauty!

infographic on public bike hire schemes

Infographic provided by Momondo, but no payment…

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One thought on “Some public bike hire schemes in Europe

  1. Promoting cycling for public transportation is a very important call. It determines a country’s success and its active contribution toward some major concerns like health, pollution and so on! Thanks for sharing this important infographic. I think it is high time and every country should think about this.

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