Near clipless moment

Near clipless moment

Regular readers will know that I have been cycling clipless for a couple of month now, well today I nearly had one of those clipless moments on my way into work. Just to recap, a clipless moment is where the cyclist is using clipless pedals and the shoes fail to clip out before coming to a halt. Well, today it wasn’t that I forgot to clip out, no the problem was that the cleat on the left shoe jammed. I found myself having to cycle up to a lamp post so that I could lean against it while I untied my shoe, so that I could get off my bike and manually work the shoe free. I was a wee bit wary of clipping in again for the rest of the journey, but when I clipped in on the way home, I found no problems in clipping out when I needed to. Now where did I put that oil can.

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One thought on “Near clipless moment

  1. I have since found that one way to avoid this problem is to make sure that you have your shoes tightly laced, to make the most of the twisting movement and so release the cleat.

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