Ötztaler Cycle Marathon

Ötztaler Cycle Marathon

Congratulation to Bernie on completing the Ötztaler Radmarathon glad to hear that you enjoyed the day. I was impressed by your time of 11:30 for an event which covers 238km with 5500m of climbing, good to hear that you managed Timmelsjoch (max. 14 %; 1,759 m altitude gain; 28.7 Km) without any “unscheduled stops”. I estimate your average speed to have been 20.7 Km/h (12.8mph), which puts my average speed of 22.8 Km/h (14.2 mph) over 99 Km (which I thought was good) the same day into perspective. This just leaves me with one question, did you see any cows in the Kühtai tunnel?

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One thought on “Ötztaler Cycle Marathon

  1. Thank you 🙂 Actually it were “only” 229 km and 5300 m of climbing. A couple of years ago, the course was slightly different, and they keep communicating the numbers from that time. This brings the average down to 19.9 km/h. But the actual ride time was just about 11 hours (30 minutes for getting food, filling up the bottles, taking off/putting on clothes etc.), which means a net average of about 20.8.
    Oh, and no cows in the tunnel, fortunately.

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