Appologies for interuption in service

Appologies for interuption in service

I would like to appologise to those who been trying to access the ubiquitous blog and found it to be unavailable, my ISP (Freedom2Surf) has just moved my web site to a new web server. I was assued that this would cause minimal problems. So when I found that the new web server was I did a Google search to find out more about them. Here is a section of what I found:

and that was just in the first two pages. In the light of recent problems, this does not fill me with confidence for the future. There were some sites which at first looked as if they were going to be positive but when I opened the link I found that these were parked domains which are hosted by Webfusion and used by them for advertising. So a move to a new web host seems to be the best course and possibility a new ISP.

When I first signed up with Freedom2Surf I did so because they had a very high level of customer satisfaction, often showing at over 80% on sites like (now Things have change somewhat since then, they have been taken over by Pipex and now they struggle hit 60%!

This is why the ubiquitous blog is now hosted on a memset dedicated server, which is providing an excellent service.

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