Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably?

It is often said that the lighter you travel, the faster you travel. Well having failed to reduce my own weight significantly, I decided it was time to put my bike on a diet. Seeing as the saddle has been in need of replacement for some time, this was the obvious place to start. Fortunately the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op was having an Easter Sale, so off I went to get a new saddle. The Specialized Body Geometry Toupé caught my eye – only 150g! And whilst I was at it, a new seat post was in order, oh look a Specialized S-Works Carbon Pavé Seatpost, that will do nicely.

So what is the effect of this diet so far? Well my bike has lost 346g, not only that, my wallet has also lost 121.80 pounds. Who said cycling was cheap?!

Ah, but what is it like on the road? Well, I was a wee bit worried that spending over £60 on a seatpost was going over the top. But the Zertz Viscoelastic Polymer insert really does damp down the vibration coming up through the frame, and after its first 40+ mile outing the Body Geometry saddle lives up to its reputation. So when I am out on the bike, I can say I am sitting comfortably.

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