Beware Notice of Tax Return e-mail

Beware Notice of Tax Return e-mail

I don’t often get e-mails from Her Majesties Revenue & Customs (HMRC), normally these are in a response to my filling out my tax return on-line, using the e-mail address which I have given them for confirmation. So when e-mail claiming to be from HMRC turns up in a different account I tend to be immediately suspicious, and have just received one such e-mail.

Subject: Notice of Tax Return
Date: 15 Oct 2012 07:09:24 -0500
From: HMRC
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Date 10 october 2012
Our Ref. C/20355/12
Your Ref. 10B/235/12


Dear Sir/Madam,/

I am sending this email to announce: After the last annual calculation
of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to
receive a tax return of:


/To receive your return, you need to create a Government Gateway account./
/Click here to Register
Our head office address can be found on our web site at HM Revenue &
Customs: /

…….The contents of this email and any attachments are confidential
and as applicable, copyright in these is
…….reserved to HM Revenue & Customs. Unless expressly authorised by
us, any further dissemination or
…….distribution of this email or its attachments is prohibited.


This one is not the most convincing phishing email I have seen (this was better but still not convincing, always look for the domain name in the email header). As I have said before:
If you have also received one of these e-mails, first off do not click on the link and don’t give any of you details. Secondly, forward it with the full headers to HMRC (see here for details) and help them catch the scammers, it is in interest of all of us to stop this sort of thing!

I have since been told by HMRC that it “does not use email to contact people about being eligible for a repayment or to ask personal information or payment”. So any e-mail telling you that HM Revenue & Customs is offering you a tax refund it is a scam, don’t fall for it.

Oh and in case you are wondering, I have good anti-spam software and get very little spam in general, but every so often something gets through. Also the domain name belongs to a family run employment agency, who probably don’t like their domain name being used for spam e-mails either, so please don’t send them rude replies.

If you have received any such e-mails are would like to comment below, please do so. If the worse thing happens and you have given them your details – there is advice on what to do here and here.

19 thoughts on “Beware Notice of Tax Return e-mail

    1. ”” lol plus this will change so check your browser – so its hashed and when you click submit it sends your details straight to a server to log it DO NOT SEND DATA IF YOU DO CANCEL YOUR DETAILS AT YOUR BANK ASAP

  1. Yes, got one as well. I set up an account but never received any money. I have send it to the office and they sent me an email back that I would have to file a money claim for online service refund (Doesn’t look like they realised what it was) and told me to go to the website and make a court claim for money refunds ..? Oh dear

  2. I received this after applying for Marriage tax allowance. I have forwarded the email onto HMRC.

    This is an automated email sent to
    Refund confirmation – 2871643958562
    Hi taxpayer,
    You are receiving this email to announce

    After the last annual calculation of you fiscal activity , HM revenue and Customs has determinated that you are

    eligible to receive a tax return of 284.21 GBP.

    In order to claim your tax return online , you have to create a government gateway account.

    Crown copyright
    * Please do not reply to this email as the mailbox is unmonitored. If you have any questions please visit

    Making tax easier
    Complete an annual self assesment tax return

    Š 2016 Crown Copyright. All rights reserved.

  3. Here is what the HMRC say when you report a suspicious e-mail to them:

    Thank you for letting us know about the suspicious email you have received. We can confirm that this is a scam, and was not issued by HMRC.

    Our specialist team will investigate and take the necessary action. Whilst we cannot inform you of the outcome of these investigations I can confirm that we do act on each submission we receive.

    HMRC will never send notifications of a tax refund or ask you to disclose personal or payment information by email.

    If following receipt of a HMRC related e-mail scam you have disclosed:

    Personal information such as password/user ID; credit/debit card information or have reason to believe your computer has been exposed to a virus

    Please forward a report to us at:

    If you have disclosed credit/debit card information you should inform your bank/card issuer immediately.

    Emails such as the one you received are issued in huge numbers and sent indiscriminately. We recommend that you use up to date spam filters and continually update your computers anti-spyware and anti-virus software.

    In common with all providers of online services, HMRC takes security very seriously but you need to be alert.

    We continuously monitor systems and customer records to guard against fraudulent activity. The methods fraudsters use to get the information they want is constantly changing so we provide regular updates on the types of scams we are aware of. The main risk is identity or user ID and password theft. Please ensure that you keep your user ID and passwords secure and change your passwords regularly.

    HMRC publicises details of current scams on our website

    Please continue to forward all suspicious HMRC related e-mails to


    HMRC Online Security Team

    1. It is hard to know how many people are taken in by this scam, but enough that the scammers think it is worth the risk of trying it. However, the more people who report it to the authorities (forward the e-mail with the full header), the more chance there is that the scammers will be caught.

  4. I have just received the same message saying:
    After the last annual calculations of your fiscal activity, we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of ….

    Luckily I realised it was a scam when I looked the origin of the email and it was from

  5. Just done some research on the domain they’re using and the following details came up:

    Domain name:

    HMR Employment Limited

    Registrant type:
    UK Limited Company, (Company number: 08510881)

    Registrant’s address:
    15 New Fields Business Park
    2 Stinsford Road
    BH17 0NF
    United Kingdom

    Data validation:
    Nominet was able to match the registrant’s name and address against a 3rd party data source on 24-Feb-2015

    123-Reg Limited t/a 123-reg [Tag = 123-REG]

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 04-Sep-1996
    Expiry date: 04-Sep-2016
    Last updated: 24-Feb-2015

    Registration status:
    Registered until expiry date.

    1. The apparent reply to address is just spoofed, it is there to try and fool the reader. The domain name belongs to a real company which has NO relationship with the scammers who are sending these messages. What I didn’t do when I wrote this post (and do now) was to examine the full message header, where I might have found more information about who really sent the message.

  6. March 2014-Just received email from re refund due, and asking for credit card details, having read these comments although I would love a refund of neary £400 think I will ignore and delete!, Thanks for your comment Kim posted 2012.

  7. I ended up on tax return gateway, thought it was an official site and gave them my credit card details to submit my return and they took £400 from account for services rendered. Hug con, do not be as stupid as me!!

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