Cycle parking, a new opportunity in Edinburgh?

Cycle parking, a new opportunity in Edinburgh?

Some time ago I wrote a post called Cycle parking, please can we have more… in which I flagged up issue surrounding cycle parking in Edinburgh and the particular problems for tenement dwellers. Finally things are starting to change, as a result of lobbying by Spokes the City of Edinburgh Council has proposed a Pilot of on-street residential cycle parking. They say:

“The City of Edinburgh Council is committed to increasing the percentage of all journeys in the city by bike to 10% by 2020. One of the biggest barriers to cycling in the city is a lack of suitable cycle parking for residents in tenement areas. In recognition of this, the Council is considering providing on-street cycle parking in areas with tenement residences. This will initially be done on a trial basis at a small number of locations. We are planning to trial:

  • covered cycle racks;
  • individual lockers; and
  • uncovered cycle racks.

So if you are interested for your tenement/flat area, please talk to your neighbours and apply by 9th December 2011. Application form [pdf 4.4MB] application form [doc 764k].

However, it should be noted: “Applications are subject to being selected on the basis of suitability and feasibility. We cannot guarantee that locations that are selected will be installed. Should you require any further information please contact”

I hope to see this project going ahead, but the “suitability and feasibility” clause does worry me that the Council is not fully committed to “increasing the percentage of all journeys in the city by bike to 10% by 2020”. As I have seen existing cycle infrastructure around the city quietly disappearing, such as well used Sheffield stands being removed and not replaced when pavements are relaid, and cycle lanes being converted into on street car parking. Still this initiative does give me hope for the future!

4 thoughts on “Cycle parking, a new opportunity in Edinburgh?

  1. According to me, you have to neglect the big problem which is a lack of suitable cycle parking for residents in tenement areas. After that you have to take other steps very keenly..

  2. Is there a way that the space could be rented from the city then sub-let to cyclists at a level that covers the cost without being too expensive? So that a private company could be the provider, and this would be more attractive to the local government than something that will be seen to require ‘subsidy’ (because as we all know, any investment not for cars is ‘subsidy’)

    1. This is pretty much what is happening, expect rather than a private company, it is more local individuals or groups who will be taking responsibility of the running of individual sites. I get the feeling that the Council isn’t totally committed to scheme, but I am hoping that this Pilot does get off the ground.

      This will provide a president which will make it possible to form a social enterprise which could then rent permit parking spaces. Then put in safe and dry cycle storage, something along the lines of Cyclehoop Bike Hangar ( and charge cyclist a modest fee to cover the cost, this could then become self funding.

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