Looking longingly at maps

Looking longingly at maps

As part of my job I have, over the last couple of months, spent a lot of time looking at maps of the Lothians. This has make want to get on my bike and explore, however while I am an all weather year round cycle commuter, when it comes to weekend touring I am much more of a fair weather cyclist. As I sit here typing this the rain is hammering at the window and spring still seems a long way off, but as soon as it does arrive I will be out there, on my bike exploring…

2 thoughts on “Looking longingly at maps

  1. I have been checking the locations of historical plant records in the Lothians (mostly Midlothian). Mostly making sure that the grid refs and that location name match up, and trying where possible to improve the resolution, i.e. changing 2 figs refs (10km squares) to 4 fig refs (1km squares).

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