More about lights…

More about lights…

I was talking to a friend at work today about rear cycle lights and we decided to take a couple of photos as a comparison, of I thought I would post them here just in case anyone should be interested. First the DiNotte 140L v a Smart 1/2 W LED 3 Function light (which is said to be visible from up to 800 metres, according to the sales blurb).
Rear light comparison 1
And one with the Cateye TL-LD600 turned on, as you can see from the flare these photos were taken on a bright sunny day.
Rear light comparison 2

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4 thoughts on “More about lights…

  1. That’s not the 0.5W Smart – that’s older !
    Even the 0.5W is only £10 – isn’t the DiNotte ~10x that ?
    There’s now a 1.0W Smart at ~£18 which would make for a more interesting comparison …

    1. If you would like to send me a 1.0W Smart, I would be happy to do a comparison, but I suspect that the DiNotte would still clearly out shine it. The DiNotte lights are way brighter than any of the cheap blinky lights.

  2. Should be able to get a couple of hours from a fully charge set of NiMH rechargeable batteries.

    Only problem I have is my charger is not very good and the batteries are getting a decent charge at home (the one at work is better), so I think I will be buying a new changer soon. I am thinking of getting one of these, not the cheapest but should do the job rather better than this one, which has never really worked well.

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