More on Edinburgh’s proposed 20mph speed limit

More on Edinburgh’s proposed 20mph speed limit

The City of Edinburgh is currently in the possess of introducing a 20mph speed limit across a large area of the south side of the town. This is something which I am very much in favour of as it will make the city a safer and more pleasant place to live. The one thing I don’t really understand is why the most dangerous roads inwith the proposed zone are being left at the 30mph speed limit. Some of the roads which were originally going to be left with a 30mph limit are now proposed to have their speed limits reduced due to community pressure during the conciliation process. However, not all, I have to cross some of these roads everyday, there is a primary school which is bounded on two sides by roads which are being left at 30mph! Why not all the roads in the zone? Well it would appear that there are those who are objecting to any reduction in the speed limits. Well, my attitudes to anti speed limit campaigners can be expressed by substituting “speed limit” for “speed bump” in this video clip from episode six of Outnumbered, season 3.

I hope that makes things clear…

Addendum: It turns out that the two biggest objectors to the introduction of the 20mph speed limit are Lothian Buses and Lothian & Borders Police!

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  1. The problem is parked cars on both sides of the road preventing children from seeing driven cars without stepping out between the parked ones. Children should be free to play outside but they are not always going to be thinking.

    A lack of passing places means some drive faster to prempt on-coming traffic. One way systems help but lead people driving faster because there is no on-coming traffic.

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