Phone call from the “Technical Department of Windows”

Phone call from the “Technical Department of Windows”

I received an odd telephone call this morning. The caller with an Indian voice, who claimed to be from the “Technical Department of Windows”, tried to tell me that I had down loaded some malware from the internet on to my computer. When I asked how she knew this, the caller became confused, and as the line was poor I took the opportunity to hang up. Ten seconds later the phone rang again, the same caller again apologising for having been cut off and once again telling me that there was a problem with my computer. So for a second time I asked how she knew, again she became confused, but this time handed me on to a male colleague who ignored my question and got on with the script. He asked me if I could see my computer, which I said I could, next he asked if I could see the “My Computer” icon. At this point I consider playing along to see where this was going, but two things stopped me, first I wasn’t going to able to follow his instructions (as I am using Ubuntu Linux, not MS Windows), and two I had better things to do with my day. Therefore I hung up once again and have had no further calls. I tried ringing 1471 but as they were phoning from abroad the number was unavailable so I had nothing to report to Consumer Direct’s “Report a Scam” service.

This afternoon I found myself still thinking about the call, I was intrigued to know how common this sort of thing is, so I did a quick Google search and I found there is plenty hits showing that this is a regular problem. Obviously, Microsoft would never make such a phone call, you have to phone them to get support not the other way around. Either way, their advice on dealing with scams is pretty thin. The best advice dealing with these scams comes from the Digital Toast blog, which also has an entertaining collection of videos of people winding up the scammers. Also, the Guardian technology editor, Charles Arthur, makes some interesting comments about who might be behind these scams. If you have received a call recently, maybe you would like to leave a comment.

In the years since this post was originally written this scam has changed to include the “Technical Department of BT” and “Virgin Media Technical Department”. The simple fact is that no “Technical Department” cold calls customers to tell them that their computers are in some way infected with a virus. These calls are scams, please don’t fall for them.

Oh and just is case you were wondering if Microsoft knows about this scam, well yes they were told about it in March 2010, it is just that they can’t be bothered to do anything about it…

Addendum: It would appear that Microsoft have finally woken up and realised there is a problem and this is their official advice. Please note that the scammers are now also claiming to be from: Windows Service Centre, Windows Help Desk, Microsoft Tech Support, Microsoft Support, Windows Technical Care, Windows Technical Department Support Group or Microsoft Research and Development Team (Microsoft R & D Team). So please take care.

Addendum: There have been a number attempts to comment on this blog saying that the fraudster making this calls are legitimate, the latest came from:

Author: luckysharma (IP: ,
Comment: this is genuine company…ok


Please note these calls are entirely fraudulent, do not allow these people to access your computer.

Addendum: There has been one high profile arrest and conviction but, sadly, there are plenty more still active. Please take care.


Addendum: I have had a number of people asking if there is a way of stopping these calls (see comments below), well there are call blocking devices available on the market which can be effective. You also need Caller ID on your phone line, this may be an extra cost depending on your phone provider. Some phone providers may not supply Caller ID for international calls and so you need to think about just who you want to block, to avoid blocking legitimate calls i.e. family members and friends living abroad, or people calling from switchboards where the number is withheld (personally this last one is a risk I would take). If anyone has experience of using such call blocking devices they would like to share, please feel free to comment below.

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  1. I also have been recently getting phone calls from Windows saying I’ve been downloading illegal stuff onto my computer and all that stuff. But I haven’t

    1. I’ve been receiving these calls regularly for the past few years. Reckon I get at least one per month. Had one again today. He was very determined and insisted that I should turn on my computer and allow him to “fix” the problems that “had been identified”. I asked how they had been identified. Not very forthcoming, “someone had advised them of the malware I had downloaded”. I spent some time raising questions of identity, motives, scams, charges and the possibility he might install malware.. He insisted he was genuine, only wanted to help me and that I should enable him to access my computer immediately. I said I needed to do some checks on his organisation first and declined.

  2. I am from the west coast of Ireland. The call came in with an Irish number but the caller was Indian and in a call centre. She said she was from the technical department of Windows and I ended the call. Yesterday I received a call from “0061” prefix with the same message. I asked the Indian where he was from. He said Dublin. I ended the call.

  3. Received a call this morning from Peter, Technical Department of WIndows, 800.124.7210. Had to give it to me twice because he was off a number. Asked for supervisor’s name? He asked why? Said he was supervisor. Asked if he had someone over him, said a manager, gave name of Alex Martin.
    Then I ended the call.

  4. I get four calls a day, sometimes with a number on caller ID (a local number so I answer) and sometimes it says Private Number or Number Unavailable and I don’t answer those). Anyway, there is no way to stop them, I’ve had these calls for 3 years — so today I’m buying one of those sport horns (looks like a spray can) and next time those little *@(*&^@$0 call me, I’m pressing the button right next to the receiver. Hope that helps them get the message because I’ve asked them politely, rudely, pissed off to remove my number from their files but the calls continue. I’m like the groundskeeper in the movie Caddy Shack where every waking hour, I’m trying to think of how I can get rid of the pesky calls. Gosh, I HATE THEM —

  5. My mom received a v/m from an Officer Peter Williams with Microsoft Tech center saying that they were receiving error messages from her computer and if she didn’t call them back immediately they would block and shut down her ip address. The phone connection was poor and hard to understand which is why she had me to listen to it. Just wanted everyone to know that they are still trying to use this scam currently.

  6. We received a call that was very static-y about our Microsoft 365 expiring. As it happens, we had a problem with the credit card that we do the renewals on and could not get on our credit card account. We got that straightened out and then called the number they gave in their message (800-611-2416). They had us do the same, connecting them to one of our computers. The guy worked for awhile then started asking questions such as how many computers do we have, are they business or personal, how much did we pay for each computer, what do we do on them, etc. We got upset, told them it was none of their business and to get off our computer. When they didn’t, we shut down the computer and hung up. The computer does not come on now so tomorrow it goes to the shop and I hope we can recover it. Also hope he did not get too much info from the computer. The timing was just too perfect and it seemed legitimate. Bad on us.

  7. Had a call this morning Tuesday 13th June at around 11.30 hrs from “Max johnson”! from “windows tech division! threatened to shut down my commputor if i didn’t comply with his requests as he said someone had hacked my “account” and was using it for illegal activity! gave me a phone number of 02036300338. not going to ring it in case it is a high rate number and is part of the scam? they say they are going to ring back tomorrow morning….wonder if they will.Thanks for this site as it has confirmed my suspicions and good to share our experiences

  8. I often think these scammers are employees of Microsoft. Seeing as Microsoft are not really interested in dealing with these people.

  9. I receive these calls from time to time. I tell them to let me sit down at my computer and I will be right with them. Then I let them rot waiting for me to pick up again. Petty and childish I know but there is not much going on in my life.

  10. I live in Sweden and I got a phone call this morning form a swedish number, claiming that they are from Windows Technical Department, UK. They said my computer has an online infection (common in Sweden and Denmark, as they said!!) and they could show me the problem and help me. I told them the laptop I use is not a personal one and they were asking all the time when I will have access to my personal computer…they passed my call to three different persons (all with an indian accent) and finally they asked my email to send me more information (that was the moment I hang up the call)

  11. I got a call from “Nancy” from “Windows Support” today. I knew it was bogus because it had the sound of a boiler room call center in the background. She was obviously a foreigner with limited communication skills. I had a hard time understanding her and she had a hard time comprehending my simple responses of “Yeah” to her questions about being the owner of the computer. She passed me off to someone called “Max” with only slightly better English skills. He ended up terminating the call. This was the first time I got this call. After reading this blog I can expect more calls like this one. What I have to decide is if I want to play along for a while or just hang up.

  12. I am getting calls from these people every day, and sometimes up to 6 calls per day. I have told them to leave me alone and take me off the call list, and a few days later I start getting calls again. Try calling the 800 phone number on weekends and you will get a different company name.

  13. I had another of these calls at 04:20 this morning from 0223 441 122. They really are an nuisance, sadly the authorities seem to have no interest in trying to shut down these fraudsters. The only solution left to most people is to use call blocking and black list these numbers.

  14. The most recent manifestation is that after I called ATT and allowed the fellow to hear me ask ATT about the supposed corporate number he gave me at the supposed corporate address (see below, he threatened to “send a message to deactivate your computer” and then contact the “cops to come and arrest you”, and then called me a stupid lady. It would have been fun to get into a shouting match with him but I have a heart condition and I did not want to raise my heart rate in a non-aerobic activity.

    Does Microsoft really not care about this scamming, and putting some effort into shutting down the frightening access that these criminals have to personal information about us (albeit filled with inaccuracies, such as misspelling our street name)? If they really don’t care, that just reinforces Microsoft’s lousy image.

    The persistence of this scam indicates that the scammmers are sometimes – just often enough – getting what they seek.

  15. I got a call from 855-539-4917. i didn’t answer but the message said, “4914. His this is an emergency call to notify you that the license key of your Microsoft Windows is expired. To renew license key please call 1-855-539-4914.” I have a brand new computer with Windows 10. I’m pretty sure this is bogus. Not calling them back.

  16. Just this a.m. got a call from “microsoft support”. Caller id showed a local lumber yard and local number. When he stated who he was, I told him he was not. He immediately got arrogant, wanted to argue and called me an idiot. I told him he was the idiot. He asked how was that? I told him my caller id showed a local business, and they did not sell or deal in computers, so that made him the idiot for not even using a proper false id. I did not tell him that it was a lumber yard. With that he became silent and I told him to have a good day and hung up.

  17. I just had a call from ‘Windows Technical Department’. Again it was a heavily accented (Indian / Pakistani??)lady. She proceeded to tell me that my computer had been infected whilst browsing by a Spirrus (??) or some other virus. Since I had recently purchased Office365 and an extremely helpful Microsoft engineer (on my request) from India (I’m in the UK) had spend almost a day installing Windows 10 and office 365, I thought it could be genuine, so I went along with it for a whilst. She proceeded to tell my supposed computer ID – a long ~34 number/letter combination. I have checked my computer it doesn’t seem to tally. I told her I had lots on today (true) and that I would call her back. No way she was giving me her number despite my repeated asking, but she did give her name ‘ Nancy Martin’ (hmm really….) and kept asking me for a convenient time to call me back. I said I just didn’t know and started to ask her more questions about exactly who she worked for. At this point she hung up! I tried 1471 but of course the number was withheld. Like others here I hate these scams. No only does it waste all of our time, it discredits those genuine Indian / Pakistani Microsoft engineers, or worse if they manage to hack your computer for bank details etc. I wish we could stop them. Thank for starting this Blog – it at least puts the information out there.

    1. Thanks for your comments, I agree wholeheartedly that these scam calls discredits those genuine Indian / Pakistani Microsoft engineers.

      Microsoft does not make unsolicited calls, so beware of anyone claimed that they do.

  18. I get these quite often from a private number. I tell them I don’t have a computer and they simply hang up immediately.

    As for keeping them on the line and playing them: your added minutes on the phone may just save a poor old dear receiving the next call and being scammed. Play along and have a little fun at their expense

    1. I work for Microsoft and they will never call you. This is all fraudulent trying to get access to your computer and either scan it for content or set you up with a nonsense contract and get your credit card. Please tell all your friends we will not call you for issues with your computer. just make sure it stays up to date. Check here for guidance from MS for windows 7

      If you have Windows 10 you will be updated automatically or by your company if you are using their computer.

  19. I received a call today from the technical department at windows telling me they had been receiving a lot of messages pertaining to errors on my pc (caller had heavy Indian/Pakistani accent). I’ve received calls like this in the past but just blew them off as scams but I had been having a lot of errors. I put him on hold and looked up calls from tech dept windows and found this site. The call came from 823 568 7880. I returned to the call and asked if I could call him back and he hesitated. He would not give me a number but said he would call me back. I know now how to deal with these calls. Thanks.

  20. When you get comments like this:

    Author: Salman Dhanerawala (IP:,
    URL: http://Manydifferentwebsiteofscamcompany's
    Hi my name is Salman & i’am working in Windows Technical Support In LAS VEGAS NEVADA okay i’am a certified technation & We have a fraud department in our company and we have reported many scamers & frauds in our list thought we have helped peoples to get back their payments which they have paid to scamers okay so please do support to our company as we are not scamers or hackers….

    You’ve got to wonder how dim the scammers think we all are. This guy claims to be legitimate and working in Vagas, but the comment is posted from an IP address located in Chikhli, Gujarat, India.

  21. I still cant believe there are people who have actually fallen for this

    police advice is:-

    if the number shows on your display take this down, quite possibly a 020 number, (foreign call centres use a UK redirect number)

    If not ask for a number to call back, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES give an financial, bank name etc details.

    try to get as many details as possible, not giving any details will make them hang up.

    Report everything to

    0300 123 2040, you will be given a case number. the police will then have the number taken out of use

    I have reported these calls in the past with updates that one ring was broken up. so it does work

  22. I receive regular calls from these people with Indian accents claiming to be from Windows technical department. I usually tell them that I would be very grateful if they would stroll on over to the Ganges River and defecate. That usually leaves them speechless, at which point I hang up.

  23. Wife was cold-called yesterday while I was out. She spent 40 mins on the phone to an Indian sounding man who persuaded her to let him access her pc. I came home just in time to get the phone and was talking to an Indian sounding woman. She said she was from Microsoft and that our computer was going to be shut down due to viruses as our certificate had expired. I realised it was a con and gave her a few choice words before hanging up and restarting the pc. The pc would not work as it needed a different password to boot up. I restarted and entered safe mode which rebooted the pc as normal. I will take it in to pc world to get fixed asap.
    An Indian sounding guy then called today to ask about the payment I made yesterday (i didn’t make a payment). Obviously, he would then tell me that the payment didn’t go through and then he would expect me to give him my bank details. I hung up so he never got the chance. I will report this to police fraud tomorrow when phone lines open.
    Please tell all you know about this con.

  24. I just said to them ‘Windows don’t ring round their customers. That would mean ringing billions of people.’He told me my computer was being hacked, so I said ‘Oh yes, just like you want to do!’
    When I said ‘What makes you think I’ve got a computer?’ he apologised and hung up!

  25. I am emailing you to let you know that if I do not receive a copy of the telephone conversation that I had with ANGELA WOOD ID No = 2146 on the 07/09/2015 informing me that I would be receiving a refund of £129.00 because of your company being in difficulties. Please do not insult me by denying this. You took another £129.00 pounds on the 08/09.2015 from my credit card when you told m,e that my first payment of £129.00 was for life.
    After my telephone call to you {RECORDED] you said you would send me a copy. If I do not receive this copy or a refund of £129.00 within SEVEN days I will be contacting my Solicitor to act for me.
    My complaint to you will not go away < believe me it will not. I have a lot of people who can assist me IE Ombudsman, Media, Police, Fraud Squad. I am a pensioner and you are bad people for doing this thing to me. You have taken the food out of my mouth

    1. Sadly people are suffering from the actions of the fraudsters, all I can do is warn people about these fraudulent phone calls. When will our governments take action?

  26. Yesterday my mother called me se said there was a virus and a man from windows was working on taking it off here computer.
    I tolled here to put here computer off. Se said that she could trust him he had send here a photo and phonenumber
    (Peter williams, i think his id is stolen from his linkedin page)
    I tolled here to trust me and put it out imidiatly. She did.
    I tolled here to not turn it on again untill windows was compleatly reinstalld, (every virusscanner only finds old virusses a brand new virus will not be found so a compleat reinstall is the safest way)
    I tolled here to call here bank and block everything.
    From my home I changed here mail pasword.

    Lets hope this was enouph to stop anything they were doing. Its now 24h later and they never called again after the first time.


  27. Same deal here. I have had daily calls from these creeps and I usally use some profanity and hang up. Today I had a few minutes so I went along, nicely, with the scam. I don’t have a Windows computer any more so I had to try to remember stuff. I kept answering his questions wrong – “What do you see on your screen now?”, “a small bird”, “no, no, no, no. Press the Windows key and the R key same time”, “Ctrl, Windows, R?”, “no, no, no, no.Windows R both”, “Okay, I did it”, “What do you see?”, “nothing”, You get the drift. I could bear it no longer so I told him to look on his list under “stupid” and call some of those. After I hung up it occurred to me that I had let this dipshit waste several minutes of my time and I probably belonged on the stupid list for that alone. Oh, well. It was more fun than reddit.

  28. This morning I received my third phone call from the tech dept. telling me my computer has been sending them messages that my computer has a been.
    The man had an Indian accent. I told him that I just had my computer updated and fix. Also told him that is was a scam. He got a little hot. Then I told him to stop calling , as I was talking he tried to talk over him. I then said don’t call again and that I was on the do not call list.

    He kept talking so I hung up.

    He called at 8:00 am in the morning.

  29. I had the call today whilst I was at my elderly mother’s house. I am not young myself. I played along for as long as possible saying I did not have a problem with windows because I had double glazing and I needed to find my glasses and my computer.

    Eventually when the young man asked me what it said on the key next to the ctrl key I said. Oh yes I can just about make it out with my glasses It says ‘none of your f***ing business’. and I hung up. A very irate young man ran back a minute later and my brother answered. He said he could not repeat what was being said.

    Oh dear. Do you think I upset the young man?

  30. I got one of these today. When I said “this is clearly a scam, remove me from your call list, I’m going to report this.” He replied “you’ll have to find me first, you f*** with me, I’ll f*** with you.”
    I’m aware that since the call came in as “anonymous” and “private number” I have no real options for reporting this, but if anyone has suggestions I’d gladly take them.

    1. This ‘Windows Dept.’ seems to either use an off the shelf phishing webpage that offers a free iphone or ipad to aquire your name adress and phone, they then phone bomb you until they can be convinced your smarter than they are. That page installs tracking cookies that soak up clock cycles to create the illusion of a virus that ‘they’ will ‘remove’ if you allow TOTAL REMOTE access to your PCs, file system, whereupon they sabotage your system wholesale to extend their ‘WORK’ (and charges if your naive enough to fall for it) ^^
      To recover performance clear cookies, disable them and only re-allow on a per-site TRUST basis, eg BLUE CHIP co’s only !! They may also phone random ppl, but i doubt the hit rate success of that method, NEVER ALLOW REMOTE ACCESS except for TRUSTED USERS. Never download .EXE or .BAT files be careful out there.

    2. I got a call today from ,I think, the same company. He told me that if I didn’t do what he said he would keep calling and he did 5 times. He was very threatening.

  31. I’ve gotten three of these calls in the past month and they get very upset when you ask to be taken off the call list or talk to a manager. I was nicer to the gentleman who called this morning: Thomas Wilson, 1-888-882-7891. The phone number he gave me to “call back”, though, is for the Honor Health Compliance Hotline, not Windows IT Department. HA!

  32. Got the call a few minutes ago from an Indian guy claiming to be from the US. He said that my Windows license had been identified in a cyber criminal activity and need to be deactivated, then threatened to file charges against me.

  33. Was phone by Peter Williams from windows microsoft.they got R4567 equals $350 from my credit card dept which i reported. All indian accent. He worked on my pc online and got all my credentials i suppose but very convincing. I phone Microsoft windows Head office in Cape Town and was told to immediately disconnect my pc as it was a scam

  34. Got a call this morning, man said all the normal “your computer has sent us an urgent message…” I replied that “don’t you think this scam would work better if you called someone who HAS a computer. Also, I am on a do not call list and would appreciate you adhering to it.” He responded with asking me if I have ever watched the movie Insidious, I asked him why he was now talking about a movie. He got angry and asked again if I had watched the movie, I said no to which he said I had better watch it and then I would understand. I told him to quit trying to scam me and then he asked for my husband. I said “WHY?? He doesn’t have a computer!!” He got frustrated and said “fine” and hung up.

    1. Not only do they have a WINDOWS DEPT, but they have a subsidury ‘SURVEY DEPT’ also. There seems to be an large scale organised crime franchise here ^^ omg they’re daft as brushes IMHO :)) Phishing with a hook, line and sinker.
      I have been a software enginner for over 25yrs, I REALLY have been around since they were in diapers :)) I was playing with software since i was 9yrs old (circa 1979) theres nothing new to me.

  35. Toronto, Canada 14 July 2015
    I got a call from Windows Help Desk that their office have been picking up many messages from my installation; errors and intruders need to be eliminated;
    phone number they gave does not work from Canada (1-888-727-4205)


  36. July 14th, 2015

    I was called yesterday by Windows Technical Dept (from Brooklyn). Richard Jennings (person who called) and Austin Brown(was named as their manager; but on e-mail I got named Allotted Microsoft Technician);
    phone number: 1-888-727-4205, cannot be called from Toronto, Canada and

    What have I done if I let them go thro my computer?
    Any help?

  37. I have been receiving many calls from “Windows Technical Support” periodically for about four years now. Every person had an Indian accent except one which was Chinese who said that he was with the real company. The others have been faking his company name. Also, do not fall for IRS scammers who are very convincing. The IRS site warns that they will never call or threaten anyone about additional taxes owed, only write. 3-way call them to your local police dept, as the scammer will say they are on their way to your home.

    Anyway I just spoke with an ATT Tech Specialist about this issue. She said that since scammers use a special device to provide Caller ID with fake US telephone #’s there wasn’t much they could do at ATT, even a *57 trace.

    However, a law is about to be passed by Congress to prohibit any device that provides a fake Caller ID. Robocalls (pre-recorded ads) will also be illegal. The goal is to stop all harrassing calls, and at least find out who they are and report them to the Dept. of Commerce if out of the country. Contact your Congressman to support this new law. They can be slow.

    Meanwhile when these fakes call I just tell them I must get the home PC person who is working outside, and just leave my phone on hold or off-hook until the caller hangs up.
    Good luck!

  38. I just received a call from the “Windows Tech Dept.” stating my computer had many viruses. The male caller had an Indian accent and said he was calling from California. He wanted the ID and password from my computer so he could help me. I asked him for a phone number of the Windows Tech Dept. so I could call back. He refused and finally hung up.

  39. I’ve yet to get one of these phone calls..It’s sad really as I really want one just to put these people in their place. I’ve been in computing for the last 10 years, so I like to think of my self as pretty clued up.

    The terrifying thing is how many people probably end up with viruses and falling victim to scams left, right and center…

    1. It’s terrifying when you think just how many people must fall for this kind of scam over the phone given that they’ll rope in several people to make is seem genuine.

      If no-one fell for the trap then this scam would have died out a long time ago, but in this day and age there are still quite a number of people who simply aren’t technically minded.

  40. I just had a call from a lady with an Indian accent claiming to be from windows technical department. 9.30am – I’m in my office. I knew it was a scam immediately so I decided to play along whilst making myself a cup of tea. She wanted to show me what the problem was so I went along with the first request which was to press the windows key and tap “R”. She asked me what did I see. I told her I saw a box. She asked me if anything was written in the box. I said yes. She asked me to delete what was in the box and type in EVENTVWR I told her I had done so (I hadn’t). She asked me what I saw next I told her I could see the following F.U.C.K Y.O.U I decided to ask her what she thought the problem might be? She made some confused mumbling sounds so I Decided to tell her again. It says F.U.C.K Y.O.U Do you think I might have a virus of some sort?? At that point she hung up. Not sure why!!!!

  41. Call me STUPID IDIOT!! But I really need your help. I just found out that I’ve been scammed. T.T

    I’ve received calls this morning from ‘Windows Certified Technicians UHT Dept.’ telling me that my computer has been infected and showing me in Event Viewer the Errors and Warnings.

    I’ve had no idea about this kind of scam and I do have a little knowledge about softwares. My instinct told me that it might be a scam but the scammers words were so convincing and since they’re already at the stage wherein I cannot anymore access my computer, I’ve panicked and gave them informations they’ve been asking and charged me the Registration Silver Plan amounting to CHF173.29 which is payable after 7 days. And they’ve send me in my email the Invoice which I have to print, sign, write today’s date and put ‘Services Received’, scan and send it back to them. I’ve also given my MasterCard Info, which has no remaining balance.

    What should I do? Please help me. I’m so dead! T.T Your suggestions will highly be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    1. The first thing would be to phone tell your credit card company what has happened and get them to cancel any payments. Then find a reputable local computer shop and get them to sort out your computer.

  42. Just had a call from ‘Microsoft Technical Dept – Subcontractor…Microaccess something’ saying that my computer had downloaded too many files and that Microsoft would shutdown the computer if I continued. The caller (caller ID on my phone screen was 5666) had a bad Indian accent. He then asked me to start looking at my computer files starting with the ‘Microsoft key + letter R’. It opened the DOS window…then cmd…Then I hung up the phone. He tried to call back twice and I did not answer… He did not leave a message…needless to say.

    This happened May 8th 2015 at about 1pm.

    Hope this helps,

  43. 4/22/2015:
    They have been calling me in Arizona. East Indian calling themselves American-type names. One guy tried to pass off as a relative of mine!

    The first time around telephone number they gave me was 845-262-3348. I reported them immediately to the Attorney General’s office.

    I have been keeping logs when they call. If you hear from The Windows Technical Department, call Attorney General in your state. Call the authorities! You will be protecting someone else too.

    This last time I told “my newly found relative” (ha, ha) that I reported him to the Attorney General’s office. Line disconnected immediately. Are we surprised?

  44. I had this call, and being retired with nothing else to do, I went along with the caller. I played hard of hearing, typing incorrectly, anything I could do to take up his time, keeping him from scamming someone else. At the 35 minute mark, he began to get irritated and said he thought I was wasting his time. I said of course I was. He then flew into a rage telling me what he would do to my grandson, of which I have none. Saying I thought he liked boys, I also told him I was recording the call and would be sending it to the FBI. He then screamed something I could not understand and hung up. Chalk up another win for the good guys!

  45. I have just had a call from an indian woman advising that somebody was trying to hack into my computer, I asked for her tel. no. and she proceeded to put me onto her manager who gave me 02081444201 she wanted me to give her a number that was entered onto my computer I asked her if she sent it to me she should have it. I have called the number and left a message to advise I know its a scam and I will be contacting the police

  46. I’ve been getting calls from a guy with an Indian accent and this same scam. Most of the time it’s “Windows Technical Support”, or “The technical support department at Windows”, once it was “the Windows Corporation” calling. This is all the same guy. More than once I’ve told him I use a Mac (which I do, BTW), and was assured this didn’t matter! Different calls have included “you’ve already paid for this support, so please let us help you” and one variation (clearly the same voice) in which they were trying to get information so they could send me a refund.

  47. I just got that same call, and chastised the caller for calling me at 8am, when I was still sleeping. He went on with his script and I asked for a number to call back…he continued with the script, and I interrupted him saying, “Look dude, you’re talking to a cop.” Suddenly the phone was disconnected.

    Had to look it up just for grins, and can see my suspicions were valid. Spidey senses still working.

  48. Just got a call like this at work with my elderly patient. Same Indian accent lady wanting me to log on and download what she was telling me. I asked her name and ID # I got Susanna and #8005. Really? I told her let me check her credentials and hung up. No return call yet lol

  49. They’ve been calling non stop and each time they tried to fool us but this one time I got on the phone and literary played along. I did what they told me to do. They told me its about an issue regarding invisible junk mail and I should press the Windows icon button and the letter R ( as they explained it with would romeo haha” as soon as I said yes I did that they asked and what do you see on your computer ? I started to dramatically explain how everything went black and how all my folders and icons are gone ..the background as well. It’s all blank I said.. they kinda freaked out due the intensity I confronted them about . I kept yelling what did you do ? What did you do with my computer and they reached me from one man to another anandach one of them was either a supervisor or a technical engineer but I kept telling that they crashed my computer and that I’m calling the police. Suddenly this one guy got really scared and begged tons of times to not do this but I kept saying that I have the ID and that they will get a report on the police as of right now since I’m recording the entire conversation. He Didn’t stopped begging to not do this and that he is sorry ( he repeated himself twenty times) my last words were you should be because now the police is coming. Before I busted out in laughter I hang up. They are ridiculous. Do not trust Amy calls like that and do scare them they can’t do anything about it.

  50. Received a call at 730am after receiving several all week. I have told them I do not have a computer but they insist on ringing me. I know this is a scam as my computer is not mine but from work!!!
    They are so pushy and persistent that even I started to believe them.

  51. Just received one of these calls (8.45 am)- Indian woman who I could not understand so she got an Indian guy to call me back. He sounded very plausible with call centre noises in the background and gave a reasonable excuse as to why the number he was calling from (09517 420857) could not be called back – he said he was from Windows Technical Desk. I’ve suggested he called back when I was less busy. Upon investigation I now see this is a s cam.

  52. 10/10/2014 just received a call, I am located in France but am english, from an asian woman with a strong accent and not a good grasp of english so I offered to speak in french, thinking it was a french commercial caller but she said she couldn’t speak french. She said she was from Windows maintenance department and wanted me to go to my computer and follow her instructions as my computer had been sending signals and I needed help to correct the problem!!! I asked her name and where was she calling from, Elisha from London City was her reply. I asked for her phone number, she said “I cant do that,please go to your computer”, I said no, sorry but I am not doing that and I closed the call, no further calls but I googled as I wanted to check and I see, as I thought, I am one of many to receive this sort of scam call. In this present twisted world we have to keep well awake. . .

    1. Hello there, just got the same call, they woke me up telling me to go to he computer, I was half asleep they said they would call back in an hour which they did but during that time I found all this info on this scam, they were quite rude, I wasted their time for a while talking and asking questions, and I just hung up, there was no way I would turn my computer on, yes we are living in a scary world
      Thanks for all the comments
      Mike in Dallas

    2. Hi there,

      I just received one of these call. I told them to give me my licence number and he spouted of a long number and I told him he was wrong. He persisted in telling me I didn’t know the number! I told him Microsoft windows wouldn’t have my number and they wouldn’t call. He didn’t really like my comments!

    3. i have had them ringing me with the same asked where they got my number and that said from windows. blow my top and he said was a stupid cow i told him to f… off and was going to report him. 5 phone calls hoping that the last . it should be stopped

  53. Received a call from someone with an Indian accent stating he was from Windows Technical Support. I asked for his phone number so I could call him back. He indicated his number is 866-336-1885 and his name is Kyle Jarvis (not even close to an Indian name). Also asked for his security ID and he gave me 0101ENE042. I called from a different phone and low and behold he answered stating he was from Windows Support. Not sure he’s legitimate but claimed I have a virus on one of my computers. Strange my computers are working just fine. ugh!!

    1. These calls are a scam, they are just phoning people at random using numbers they have harvested from telephone directories. They have no access to your computer, unless you follow their instructions and download remote access software to allow them access. Don’t do it.

      If you are worried that your computer might have a virus, scan it with a legitimate virus checker from a reputable security company.

  54. I just received phone call from an East Indian man telling me he was calling from Windows 35. I asked him “Do you what time it is?” He said yes mam it is morning. It was 7:06 am. He said my computer has downloaded a virus and it would keep getting worse each day, but he could tell me how to fix it and could I go in front of my computer. I told him I didn’t believe he was from windows and argued he was. I asked him what my name was and he said my name. I then told him I hadn’t been downloading anything and there was no way I had a virus on my computer and also if there was a problem I would have gotten a message from Webroot. He asked how would you get a message? I said ON MY COMPUTER!
    He then just kept asking me if I could be in front of my computer right now and I said no. He said can you or can’t you be in front of your computer right now and I said no I can’t and hung up. The number was 956-702-8570 Laredo, TX.

  55. I have just had a call from a whithheld number from ‘Technical Support of your computer, m’am’ (that’s what the guy said LoL). The guy spoke in an Indian accent and interestingly enough he did not know my name, nor was he bothered about my name, just whether I have a computer or a laptop with Windows OS. So, I played along for a while, but before typing anything he wanted me to type I said
    OK, before we start, could I please have your company name and company registration number in the UK or England.
    He could not answer that question. The call was ended when I asked to speak to his manager 🙂
    What a surprise!

  56. I received a phone call couple of days back from them (Technical Department for Windows). I played along and did whatever she asked. Phone no, Name, License id everything she say’s matches. Then she said they need access to my computer and asked me to go to a site, I said something like IE is displaying error – “Page not found” or “No Internet connection..”. She asked are you connected to internet (I am not even in front of my machine), I said I only connect to interent when I go to Starbucks. But somehow I convince her that I will call her when I am at Starbucks next time and she gave her number – 480-376-8907. By the way her accent is Indian (I am an Indian too).

  57. After two days of running them around, I finally told them I would buy an iPad because of all these viruses and ditch my old pc. They were upset and old me that these viruses also attacked the iPad. Put the phone down.

  58. 1530 on 14th August ’14 received phone call from Windows Technical Department London. When I showed doubt the caller put me on to Royston his senior supervisor who gave his number as 02081441477 and after much time trying to persuade me to switch on my computer (I had just turned it off!) asked me to call him back. Both voices were male, Indian type and polite and understanding! I have not called them and do not intend to do so after reading these blogs. Thank you for posting them.

  59. 8/5/14 9am Received a call from unknown 4 digit number on cid. Male Indian accent, said name was . Mike something calling from Windows Technical Support. Claimed he was calling in regards to my Windows computer and that each time I went on line I was vulnerable to spying and was downloading malware onto all my systems. Asked me to go to computer. I told him I was busy and would call him back. He persisted in asking why I was to busy. I said it was personal. He gave me a non working number with 207 area code.
    If he calls back, I plan on having my boyfriend from Calcutta give him some sweet talk!!!

  60. This is pretty amasing, I had my first call last year some time and not knowing this lot, gave them access to my computer. Eventually when I realised it was a money making scam said that I will get local advice under which a message came onto my screen that my computer will crash in a psecific amount of days. Amasingly it did…. I believe it must be some virus that they import (if that is possible) or purely co-incidence. Yesterday and today I have had 4 calls of a similar nature and once you tell them you are not intereted they jut put the phone down. I even asked the one person what country he is calling from and he simply put the phone down. For ure they are not gunna get acces again but their call are a real pain in the butt!!!!

  61. I received a phone call twice on my cell phone (THEY ARE PERSISTANT).

    Says he is from the IT department @ MicrosoFt. Since the # came up UNKNOWN I asked him for HIS phone # (long pause).

    This is the # he gave me***BUT I WOULD NOT CALL IT… *** 818-666-4018***

    TOLD ME IS NAME IS James – (Heavy Indian Accent) Again, he is calling from the IT department @ Microsoft.

    He asked me if I am aware that my Microsoft account has had several attempted hacking

    Wanted me to login to my computer. LOL. – “RED FLAG”!

    I told him if he knows enough INFO to call me he should call me on my home phone # . then he asked me for my home phone #.

    I HUNG UP.

    I am familiar with logme in. nice try moron!


  62. Been getting these calls on my home/office phone for a week now. The last one got out of hand. He asked me if I remembered him. I of course said, “No, and stop calling this number.” He called me a liar and an intense screaming match started. Basically, if you’ve seen Punch Drunk Love, it was like Sandler’s phone call with Phillip Seymour Hoffman with few threats of actual violence.

    1. Have rec’d 2 of these this week. Both times I’ve just walked around the house acting as if I was following their directions. When they asked “What do you see?” I replied, “I see you in jail and do you know what they do to you at night in jail?” I told the first guy he needs to get up and walk out, that he spent all that money and effort to get to the US and he’s going to end up in jail, with other men. For a long time.” The first guy became very quiet. The second guy said some terrible obscene things, and I said “That’s what they’re going to make you do in jail”
      So tired of scammers.

  63. Yep just had another string of these calls. They’ve been going on for years. I just interrupt them and tell them firmly that everyone in this part of the world is aware of their scam and hang up. My wife just hangs up. Hello? silence… hang up.

  64. I get about one call a week…usually a male Indian…though today it was a female from the “Technical Dept. of Windows.” The “Windows” designation is always used. I curtailed the call 10 seconds in and tell them to put me on their DNC list…which I know doesn’t exist. I just hang up, because like most point out, you can’t understand them. I’m in FL. I’m to the point I tell them to “f— off”…since they’re wasting my time and I never asked for their call. I never confirm/deny any requests (even simple ones) over the phone…though somehow they have my first name.

  65. Was able to block this number for 90 days on my phone. Hopefully will stop the midnight calls! Very tired of them calling. When I tried to return the call to see who it was it came up as a non-working number.

  66. Ditto. Have been getting phone calls from the same scam at all hours of day and night. Refuse to answer and finally they called at midnight and got me out of bed. Went on line to find out who this is. Thanks for all the info. Hanging up doesn’t stop them from calling back.

  67. I just had this call a few minutes ago. A male called my home phone number. He was very heavily accented, perhaps Arabian or Indian. I could not understand him because of how thick his accent was so unfortunately I missed who he claimed to be calling from (company name) but I was able to catch that his name was “Alex”.

    There was not very much that he said that I could understand but I asked him what this was about and he said that he was calling about my Windows 7 computer (I don’t know if this is a generic thing that they use or not) and I asked again what it was about.

    He said that they were “receiving” something (I again could not understand him well enough to be able to say what they were supposed to have been ‘receiving’) from my Windows 7 computer.

    He proceeded to continue to say a few more things that I did not understand because of his accent. The only part that was clear was that he had said something about my computer crashing at any moment and then asked if I was aware of this.

    I said that I was not aware.

    He then asked if I was sitting in front of my computer so that he could assist me with fixing the problem or ????? (I do not know what the or was. As I’ve mentioned a few times previously, his accent was very thick.)

    When he was finished speaking, I told him “You know what, I actually don’t need help.” He seemed to be confused by that, saying “Oh?” and he said something else too but I couldn’t understand. I hung up and then went straight to Facebook to alert my friends and family, then took to Google to see if I could find the name of the company or his name specifically, involved in any of the scams so that I could add detail to my Facebook warning and so far this is the first article I have found!

    It FELT like a scam though. I have never known any American, Canadian, or even British computer company to call you if something is going on with your computer, usually you have to call them.

    Just in case anyone is wondering, I am from California, USA.

  68. I just received this call (I’m in Nevada, USA) and came in to my computer afterwards to search for scams or info under the name “Windows Technical Department.” Grateful to find plenty of info right here.
    A “Peter Watson” with broken English and terminology that was slightly off was calling me. In the background I could hear the call center with a lot of noise, including someone calling, “Hello?! Hello!? HELLO!?!?!?”
    “Peter” kept repeating that he was calling from Windows Tech Dept. and when I asked if he worked at Microsoft he replied that of course Microsoft couldn’t call me themselves, so they had their department call me. “We are calling each and every Windows customer who are experiencing problems..” I listened for awhile because I actually have been experiencing problems, but haven’t called anyone about it; then I told him I couldn’t access computer because I was picking up my children from school (he didn’t seem to understand this and kept asking me to find a button on my computer.) Eventually I hung up.
    I sure hope folks aren’t taken in by this four-plus-year-old scam.

  69. I received a call today too from “Technical Department of Windows 35” and it was a male with a heavy Indian accent too. The number he called from was 989-683-2639. He told me that my computer was infected with a virus and that he was going to help me get rid of it. I told him that all my computers were clean and that I took care of them and that he probably had the wrong number.
    He said,
    “no sir, we have the right number. Your name is Brian and you live at 22…(gave me an address, cant remember it), and your number is ********** ”
    I told him,
    “Ok now I know you REALLY have the wrong number. First of all my name is not Brian, no one with the name of Brian even lives here. Second, that is not even my address, I don’t even live in the city you mentioned, and third the number you just gave isn’t the one youre calling, you’re off by one number.”
    He then insisted it was the right number because the “license ID” they had was to my computer. So then I asked where he was calling from again, and I did a google search right away (I was already on my laptop when he called) and saw a bunch of complaints so I knew this was a scam. Plus I’m very good with my computers so I knew it was BS. But I told him

    “All right how do you know your license id matches mine”. Just to see where he would take me.

    He then gave me instructions on how to check it. He took me to command prompt and gave me a command to type . It was something “ass..” I cant remember it. Then he asked if the third to last line matched the license id he gave me (00C04FD7D062), I told him no (even though it did). He kept telling me which line to look at and I kept saying yeah it doesn’t match. Then I told him if I could ask him a question. He got excited thinking it was about what he was telling me to do but I asked him if it this was a scam because I just googled “Technical Department of Windows 35” and the word scam pops up everywhere. He told me that it absolutely wasn’t and that the people that were saying it was probably had bad experience and that there were always 2 sides to a story. I told him that I appreciated him looking out for my computers but I didn’t need his help because I probably knew more about my computers than he did. Then he said I was going to regret not getting help because my computer was eventually going to die and be worhtless. I told him I was ok with that. THEN THE FUNNIEST PART was when he said that he was going to send my “license Id” to the “technical department of windows” so they can shut my computer down and stop all activity on it. I knew he didn’t have the knowledge and power to do that so I told him to go ahead and do that, then he hung up.

    My computer still works perfectly fine. 🙂

  70. I got the call today. First, I couldn’t quite understand him. Second, after I figured out that he said WINDOWS TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT… I said my windows look fine! He said, “no, windows on the computer.” I said, “I don’t have windows on the computer, but there is a screen.”

  71. Yes this did just happen. What in the world haha. It was hilarious because of how obvious it was. I too, played along with the call pretending to do what they were asking. I told him, “yes we have been experiencing some issues and thank you for taking the initiative.” He then told me to press the four flags key (windows key) follow by the letter R. I knew what this would bring up so I pulled it up and they told me to enter a code. The code was “eventvwr”. Obviously I did not type this in. I kept telling them an error popped up when trying to type it in. They said repeat what we said back. I kept repeating it with one letter off so they started yelling at me in their Indian accents. He then told me I would be connected to a supervisor where I proceeded to do the same thing, switching one letter around. It was a cute attempt for whoever these people are.

  72. I played along with the last call. He passed on to a “supervisor” who proceeded to try to get access to my computer. I played the part of someone who doesn’t know much about computers for awhile. Finally he told me to press the 4 flag windows logo and “R”. I just pretended to do it (didn’t even have my computer turned on) and told him nothing happened. He had me try it 2 or 3 more times. I asked if I needed to take my computer into a shop to be fixed. He said to load my browser and type I said nothing happened and asked “Aren’t you connected to my computer?” He said he wasn’t. So I reminded him that he said they were receiving critical error messages from my computer on their server so couldn’t they access it from the server? He hung up.

    Usually I talk to them long enough for them to feel comfortable and not hang up right away. Then I quickly tell them “Jesus said that a thief will not make it into the gates of heaven.” At this point they hang up but at least they’ve heard the truth.

    1. May 16 2014 – I got a call from these clowns this AM to my home in Maine USA. I strung them along for a while – I kept asking for the name of their company and “Is this a Microsoft company?”

  73. Hi, I too received a phone call today supposedly from windows support from West Virginia; I played along for a while since I was aware that this was probably a scam up until the point when they said that they needed to accsess my computer and conecnet it with theirs.

    both men had very strong accents which seem to be Hindi or Pakistani.

    I just one to recommend everyone to make sure to keep updating your computer with the lateset viris protection. Lets all work together to stop these criminals!Take care.

  74. They have now called me four times. The first time they said that they were representing “Knowhow” saying that the license on my new laptop had expired and for £244 they can issue a new license and stop malware from getting onto my computer.

    The second time was 12 March 2014, this time they said the they were asked by Virgin Media and the Virgin Media had noticed a problem with my computer and had asked them to contact me to sort it out, and again they asked for £244, I told them that I couldn’t afford that, they came back saying that they can do it for £166 I told them again that I couldn’t afford that, they cam back again and said that they could do it for half that price, I again told them that I couldn’t afford it, then they said well how much can you afford. Alarm bells started ringing, but by this time they had got onto my computer and were working on it, I told them to stop and get off my computer but they kept trying to get me to pay something, anything. I finally got them off my computer and thought that that would be the last of it,

    Yesterday 29 April 2014 they phoned me again, this time they said that they were working for Windows technical department and that Windows had again noticed a problem with my computer and wanted to get onto my computer again, I told that that I didn’t have time at that moment because I was going out in a few minutes, they said that they would call me back in half an hour, I said no because I didn’t know what time I would be back home, so I asked them for the name of the company and their phone number and I would phone them back when I got home. They wouldn’t tell me. More alarm bells.

    They called me again this morning 30 April 2014 at 10am again saying that they were from Windows, I told them again that I was due to go out and again they said that they would call back in half an hour, again I said no because I would be out for most of the day, again I asked for their the name of the company and their phone number, again they refused to give it to me, but I did manage to get the reps name which was Lisa, which could be anyone’s name. They said that they will call me back tomorrow 1 May 2014, can’t wait.

    I have reported these attempts of fraud to the police on the last two occasions, and I will be calling them again today to update them.

  75. I just got a call from them a few minutes ago. Came up showing private name/number on my caller ID today but a few days ago when they called it showed as Shared Exchange DM & My mom also said that shes seen it come up as Los Angles, CA. Anyways for the call I got today they had actually specifically asked for me. How they got my name I have no clue but I told them to please hold. I just happened to be at my comp and had itunes open so when I told the guy to hold I picked a song hit play & jacked up the volume on my comp & in itunes. We have tried telling them in the past that we are on the no call list but we still keep getting calls and when we ask them which windows computer since we have 4-5 working computers in our house between desktops & laptops they are talking about they cant tell us that

    1. All they have is your name and phone number, which has been listed in a public directory at sometime. The rest is just fishing, they have no idea of what computers you have, so just tell them you have a Mac and see what happens… 😉

  76. I’ve just received a phone call from supposedly Windows Technical department, I ask for Address and company phone number etc..he said 21 Elbar Street! I asked him, is that company related to Microsoft or not! no answer and closed the phone…

  77. Just got a call a few minutes ago. I asked him where he was from and he replied that he was working from a Windows office in Melbourne. Idiot should have known that Good Friday is a public holiday.

  78. Received several calls throughout the day with no caller ID and for most, no one said anything, but this evening a Indian/Pakistani voiced male said he was “Frank” the computer “tech” calling about the computer running “Windows”. When I asked which computer, he replied the computer running “Windows” when I, again, asked which computer, his reply was “the Windows, Windows, Windows, Windows computer. Do you have more than one? When I indicated I did and asked that these calls cease, he said “I will call everyday.” When I threatened calling the FCC, he replied “Fine, you want to talk you can talk all day.”

  79. I’m in Australia and have just had a call from Nicole Anderson (why do so many Indians have anglo names?) at this number 0872001191. I’ve had a few calls this week, have tried various responses, but really can’t be bothered to do more than tell them to sod off.

    I did tell one caller that I knew it was a scam-she got most indignant & told me that it was not them, and that the police had arrested the scammers.

  80. Hi
    Had one from a VERY RUDE Jessica (Indian accent) on Friday 4th April and again today on Friday she was calling from England and today she was from USA (windows technical centre) she objected to all my questions and enquiries and became more and more rude, her command of English swear words and insults was very good and knew how best to insult. Her number came up as 09999100564 and when I asked for her boss she said she was the manager and owner and told me to F— off and left me in peace, I do not think I will hear from her again.

  81. I just received the same call a few minutes ago. When I told the worker, sounds like from India, that I will call him back because I am going to call Microsoft and check. He said that they are a partner of Microsoft and Microsoft did not tell to call but they push these calls to the Technical Main Dept of Microsoft. The claimed they get my information from Microsoft yet, he had the incorrect operating system. This is sketchy and I would not allow these people on my system. Such a scam!!. I am in the software technical software business and will never calls customers like this but if there is a bug, we will push it out via updates. The number provided was 201-588-3343 but the actual number that showed on my caller id was for John Kendal 347-753-9068

  82. I, just received this same call again today, would not give any information, asked what state he was in, company name, phone number to call back etc. number on caller ID is 989-621-5106 says MT Pleasant Mi. I have informed local police and have had that number blocked from my phone.

  83. I get these calls in Belgium about every other day (they don’t give up). If I have the time I have a bit of fun; but when it’s 7.00 a.m. when they ring they tend to learn a few new English words. However, they are definitely raising their game. After I’d strung this morning’s call along for about ten minutes, I was handed over to a Supervisor (“Peter Jackson” – honestly). He was a new breed and I’m sure could be very convincing if this was your first instruction to this scam. I don’t think is going to go away, but it is going to get more professional as they learn to be less naive in their calls. Be careful.

  84. March 2014,
    I received several calls this month from an Indian sounding man who said he was with the Windows Technical Dept. He wanted me to type in eventvwr into my computer to “fix”. He said his name was Chris Rogers. We asked for an employee number and he said ch02312 and gave the number 1-302-261-9242. He was a total scam, very scary. Be on the watch for such calls.

  85. hi i full with them and the clean my credit and the said the are calling from Washington and all of them its Indian i call 3 time and talk to them that’s the phone number 12024554912 steel working and the well answer the calls

  86. A guy named Pattrick called me saying that he’s calling me from Technical Department of Windows Operating system and claimed about the problems in my computer. After showing the EVENTVWR he took access of my computer and had done a scan of my computer and for fixing the problem he asked for $279. When I asked him about the company name then the guy told me that he belongs to India from South End PC Solution. After knowing all the truths I hung the call.

  87. Just received a call from an Indian woman, claiming to be from “Windows 35 Tech Support” same story, malicious data blah b;ah. its is 9:30pm and I received such a call? immediately was sceptical so told her not to bother and hung up.

  88. Well – it is now hitting New Zealand. Got a phone call at 10:00pm tonight – from the “Certified Windows Technical Company” to tell me that my computer was dowmloading malware and..” bad things” as we speak. I have had this exact phone call before and asked him a few routine question… Where exactly are you calling from..” I have told you sir – the OFFICIAL Windows Technical Support Company”…. Where are you ? ” Our GLOBAL support centre in London”..( now I have just spent 9 years living and working in London) asked .OK So EXACTLY WHERE in London? His response! Brilliant ” IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS SIR!!!” So I called him a dickhead and told him I was running Ubantu/ Linux environment and would never use Microsoft because they funded the Nazi Party in 1934 ( Both lies by the way…) and he just came back straight and said that I must have “errorly installed windows which was downloading viruses..” …Then told him I am an IT Ethical Hacker that works in Internet and DNS security for NZ Government Agencies ( Lies of course but what the hell right? ) .. To which he said ” Sir this is not your business!!! You MUST follow my instructions NOW to stop your blah blah blah”. I asked how he knew that my machine was downloading malicious malware ( like is there some other kind???)and he said it was showing on his “traffic report”!!! So Long story short, I called him a scamming CUNT. The phone went silent for about 3 seconds then he hung up on ME!!! HA HA HA!! I Win I think!! 🙂

  89. Received a call from Indian accented male who claimed to be from windows technical department. He stated I had a virus infecting my computer. His call back # was 543-21. Since I was at work I told him to call back at 8pm. I called my tech dept at work who stated this is a scam. When they called back I asked for a their phone # he gave the following 209 753-4599. When I called the party answered windows technical dept.

    1. I just hung up on the woman who called today. I have blocked two numbers on my phone, but now they call with “private caller” showing up on caller ID. I did get the name “windows technical dept.” today, which is how I found this page. It is highly annoying. If you hang up, they call back and get ugly. I would ignore calls that say private caller as an ID, except I have an ill family member and sometimes doctors will use that to conceal their home phone numbers.

  90. Just had one. My phone said International and i was going to ignore it. I did that the other day and luckily the guy started to leave me a message. He was a genuine person wanting me to do some consultancy work for him, so I am glad i got him. This time i answered and it was good old technical and Maintenance Department of Windows Operating System. Usually “international” means “waste of time”

  91. Still happening – just got a call , was going to launch a virtual machine and let him connect , but was too busy – in the end he called me a a$$hole and asked me if I knew that ! Can nothing be done to block all calls from India – i don’t need them !

  92. I’ve been in this new house three months and have received 3 of these calls so far.Last one gave me his address as:
    8 South Rd 69
    3 Oscar St
    The phone number was bogus as well.

  93. Just had a phone call from Paul Victor from Safenoid IT Solutions, telephone number 0203 278 9902.

    Paul was a nice Indian speaking chap who informed me that he was part of the Windows Technical Support Group. They are based in London. He did give me his address which was 25 Collvile Square Gardens in London.

    He proceeded to tell me that hackers were trying to get in to my system and he had identified this. I asked him what the weather was like to which he replied 2 Degrees Celsius and then hung up….

    I was very upset as was just starting to make a new friend and have a nice chat with Paul 🙂

    You have got to hand it to them, they never give up….. is registered through to Poras Singh Rajput. Wonder if they have any issues with hackers??

  94. I just spent an entertaining half an hour stringing these guys along and winding them up. Asking for their company’s head office address really stumped them. An address in London UK is not going to have a 5 number zip code for a start and you’d expect the address to be the same from each person. One guy got so wound up he was yelling down the phone, then I could hear him saying to himself, ‘Calm down, calm down, stay calm, stay calm’ The second one told me I was ‘a very unpleasant person’. Really, if these guys are genuine they really need to work on their customer service skills. Why they didn’t give up after the first couple of minutes baffles me. Anyway I had better finish quickly as apparently my computer ‘will be blocked in two hours and no-one will ever be able to use that computer again’ and the time is nearly up.

    1. I received the same call today from an Indian woman. I knew something was up when she could not tell me what the technical errors were that was supposed to have been reported. I even have the telephone number from which they called. 004034343113

  95. They gave the number 3152151158 (315) 215-1158 and email

    They stole $464 Western Union using my father’s identity today. I am putting every effort to identify and prosecute them. Local Police, Western Union, Visa, The bank, The Department of Justice, The Federal Trade Commission, FBI, LogMeIn Rescue, and are all investigating, and I am following up with the cases. They will regret this.

    1. just had the same call 13/12/2013.Windows Tec dept. 16 Hanover London. Didn’t fall for the scam. google the address its a massive con. I’m going to call local papers, make people aware

  96. Received a phone call from a man today with an Indian accent, which i could not understand. supposedly, he was from main department of microsoft in san francisco, california. he told me that my computer was sending their office messages and that my computer was infected with malware and he needed my computer iD. I hung up on him one time and then he called back. he kept going on that my computer was sending messages and that he needed to access my computer. i asked to speak to his supervisor. some other man also with an indian accent was put on the phone but i couldn’t get anywhere with him either. the other guy came back to the phone and he told me that he was going to deactivate my windows license. no way when windows was installed on my computer when i purchased it. i am so frustrated and upset over this phone call. the first guy finally hung up, calling me a f****** idiot.

    1. I have also found that they can become abusive if you question them. Fortunately the only thing they really know about you is your name in the phone book, sadly there is no easy way to block their calls.

  97. I received a call from these guys earlier today,Indian voice, from windows technical dept. He couldn’t answer how he got my information but kept repeating the same thing. I said call later. Same Indian voice called later 4 times back to back from 1253429c454. I asked questions on how they got my information again no answer just repeated same thing. I said do not call me back and they didn’t.

    1. I have been scammed by these people. I was not computer savvy enough to know this was a scam. They managed to get $300 out of me AND my bank account info. Needless to say, I figured it out, closed all my bank accounts and opened new ones, changed all my user id’s and passwords, and took my laptop into Geek Squad and had my hard drive wiped. My bank disputed the charge and I got my money back. Then I had to change all my on-line accounts and monthly deductions. Long story short, they continue to call me at least twice a month trying to get into my computer. I keep telling them I WILL NOT give them access, I am not interested, know it’s a scam, and to stop calling me. They always hang up, but continue to call. I have had calls from “James”, “Alex”, “Mike” and a few others. Getting sick of these calls. It does come up on caller ID as Private, but I have also been called via Skype. So look out one and all.

  98. Just received a phone call – usual indian accent from “Windows Technical Department”. He had my name and address which concerned me. I have had these in the past and they happened to catch me at home (every day there is a blank message on my answer machine – probably them). I said which company do you work for and he said “Windows Technical Department and gave me an address in London(!) as though that should make me feel better. I said that is not a company name, let me look you up on the internet and then I found this page and started to read out the comments (why not it is there money and I had some spare time). Amazingly he just stayed on and as I was getting bored I just told him that I build my own PCs I know everything I need to know about them and he should put the phone down (he didn’t so I did). The number that came up on my caller ID was:


  99. I received a call this morning telling me they were from Microsoft Internet Support and that I was downloading infected sites and that they needed me to get in front of my computer so they could correct the problem. I told them I was not interested and hung up the phone. They did not call back. What puzzles me is that they knew my name. The caller did have an Indian accent. I figured it was a scam, because it made no sense for Microsoft to contact me about infections on my computers. That is what antivirus programs are for. Microsoft could care less if I had computer problems. It amazes me how people spend their time trying to access other people’s personal information. Finally, I could hear other people in the background talking on the phone.

  100. I get sometimes 4 calls a day!
    Sure it is a scam and I am trying to gather intelligence on the scammers. I take names and email addresses. I even got a telephone number for their London office (02085331503).
    Add whatever you can here. I intend to track them down and bring prosecutions.

  101. I got that same kind of call. Hard to understand his accent. I told him I have no problem with my computer. He said that I can’t see that someone is hacking into my computer & he was going to fix it. I said, No your Not. He said he would call later when I’m at my computer. Thanks you all for letting me know I’m not the only one & that its a scam.

  102. I also got a call from ‘ Windows Maintenance’ yesterday saying that things were not right with my Windows system and that they wanted to put in a ‘ blocker’ to prevent infection of the system . The man – Indian accent – was very insistent and kept talking for 15 minutes . I asked him to send me an email to explain what he wanted to do – he said it was against their regulations and hung up .

  103. I just received a similar call supposedly from “Windows Technical Department” with all sorts of threats as to what could happen if I did not follow their instructions. They gave me a number so as I could check on their authenticity, 08082802030. As I pretty computer literate I knew that microsoft do not call in this way so, of course I did not do what they asked. Someone less knowledgeable could be easily fooled as thy were very plausible apart from the very heavy Indian accents and the clearly false British names.

  104. First received one of these calls about two years but stopped when we got to the request “run” their software. Indian caller is plausible – I’m intermediate skill level so shudder to think how many people get conned. Three more calls in the last two weeks. All from Tech Dept Windows Op System – in California, I was told. First two callers put the phone down when I mentioned their scam, the third one listened almost apologetically to my rant while still insisting no scam.

    1. Yes, first call today. Claimed they were from Windows Technical support saying they needed to access my computer. Immediately said Windows would not contact by phone. Sounded as though the Lady caller was Indian and the call was from abroad but was unable to get the number on calling 1471 here in the UK. I said this was a fraudulent call and put the phone down.

  105. I have been getting these calls for a couple years now. They went on for a while then stopped for many months. But in the last month or 2 have started back up again and I get them nearly every day. Each and every time I tell them not to call back. Most of the time they have asked for my husband but this last time they asked for me. They tried to confirm that I was the ‘registered user’ yet I do not (nor have I ever) registered a computer in MY name. I told them this and that I knew it was a scam of some sort.

    When it first happened I called my local police department to see if they knew about this and if it was any kind of serious threat or issue and they said not that they were aware of and there wasn’t currently anything they could do. I guess the best thing to do is try to get my phone number added to a ‘do not call’ list for marketing and hope that it stops the calls 🙁

  106. Had a phone call this afternoon from Kevin who said he was from Windows Technical Dept. he gave me a phone number to ring and told me the address was 16 Hanover Street. I am an OAP and he really frightened me, saying that my computer would crash at any time and told me to switch on my computer and go to which I did but then I really got worried and refused to go any further until I checked things out. He gave me a phone number 02081441094 but when I phoned no one answered. he kept on saying that he could hack into my computer at any time, at which moment I refused to go any further and told him that my husband would deal with it later. I just hope I have not let him into any information.

  107. I have had four to date. Just had one five minutes ago. The first one claimed to be from internet computer. The second could not speak English at all. Just kept saying “From Computer internet” in an heavy African accent.the third my brother picked up and unloaded with every curse word he knows. the last one sounded quite serious. Also the first Indian to call.

  108. I received one yesterday (13.6.2013), obviously a spate of them at the moment. Very heavy Indian accent and I could barely understand him. I am always very suspicious with anything like this and told him I would not co-operate. I told him to email me and I would show my son who is in IT. The email said it was from Windows help desk and this is the contents:
    Hi mam,
    This the windows help desk informing you that the laptop that you are using with the computer license I.d 888CDA60-FCOA-11CF-8FOF-00CC4FD7D062 has been generating error and warming reports to the Microsoft servers.
    Our Technician tried you calling and he will help you out by guiding on the phone call to show all the problems, because this problem need to be fixed urgently otherwise it will damage the operating system of yours.

    Ethane Parker

    He called me back half hour later (yes VERY persistant!), I told him I would not deal with him until I had spoken with my son. He said he would call back tomorrow, I told him not to bother. Thank you all for your comments which confirm my suspicions. I will now put this on Facebook and be extrememly rude to him if he calls today!!

  109. I just received a call from Mike Roger with Windows Tech Support telling me my computer has been sending in error reports which means I have a trojan virus. He asked me to go to the start button on my computer. At that time I told him I couldn’t reach my computer from this phone. He then wanted my cell number. I asked for his number. He told me I must call him back it is very important so that no one gets into my computer and steals my passwords etc. Very heavy indian accent and supposed phone number 845-666-1019 no extension, but windows id number 4042. I assume a scammer!

  110. Thanks to you all. In my 60’s not very computer literate and received the very same phone call. Asked him to ring back later which gave me time to check and find this page. This is one computer he won’t be getting into!

  111. I received a call this evening from PC Richards “Tech Support” asking me about the computer I recently purchased. He was Indian with a heavy thick accent too. He claimed my computer has malware and viruses and he was going to guide me through a process to get rid of them. I questioned him further and he stated that he was with Microsoft wondow support. So I said OH your from Microsoft too? and he said yes. to which I asked him why he said he was from pc richards and he was annoyed with me and very persistant and almost rude pushy about it. I kep telling him i was not interested cuz it was a scam and he was going to get into my computer and he said he was going to show me some tricks that no one knows about to get rid of the ‘new’ viruses that system would never recognize. After going back and forth and he was telling me to go to my computer now..I said no and he was clearly getting nowhere. He became even more persistant..I told him no and hung up on him. He kept going back and forth telling me he was from pc richards then microsoft windows. He clearly did not have my name or personal information AND the number he called from was a skype number.. 478 001 5580. BEWARE! They are persistant, you cn’t hardly understand him with a very very thick indian accent and borderline rude even.

  112. Received a call from Windows Tech Dept. on Fri. the 24th of May. Dumb me let them on my computer and 1 hr. after they were finished my credit card co. called about a charge that was made that looked suspicious and of course it was. We cancelled the card so fortunately no harm was done. Now tonight the 30th, I got another call from them. This time I got the name of the guy, phone number to call him back and the # that the call came in on. If anyone is investigating and need the number I would be happy to give it to you.

  113. I just received a phone call from them a few minutes ago. I played dumb and told them they would have to wait and talk to my son. They supposedly are calling back later this evening. Thanks for all the comments above.

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