Phone call from the “Technical Department of Windows”

Phone call from the “Technical Department of Windows”

I received an odd telephone call this morning. The caller with an Indian voice, who claimed to be from the “Technical Department of Windows”, tried to tell me that I had down loaded some malware from the internet on to my computer. When I asked how she knew this, the caller became confused, and as the line was poor I took the opportunity to hang up. Ten seconds later the phone rang again, the same caller again apologising for having been cut off and once again telling me that there was a problem with my computer. So for a second time I asked how she knew, again she became confused, but this time handed me on to a male colleague who ignored my question and got on with the script. He asked me if I could see my computer, which I said I could, next he asked if I could see the “My Computer” icon. At this point I consider playing along to see where this was going, but two things stopped me, first I wasn’t going to able to follow his instructions (as I am using Ubuntu Linux, not MS Windows), and two I had better things to do with my day. Therefore I hung up once again and have had no further calls. I tried ringing 1471 but as they were phoning from abroad the number was unavailable so I had nothing to report to Consumer Direct’s “Report a Scam” service.

This afternoon I found myself still thinking about the call, I was intrigued to know how common this sort of thing is, so I did a quick Google search and I found there is plenty hits showing that this is a regular problem. Obviously, Microsoft would never make such a phone call, you have to phone them to get support not the other way around. Either way, their advice on dealing with scams is pretty thin. The best advice dealing with these scams comes from the Digital Toast blog, which also has an entertaining collection of videos of people winding up the scammers. Also, the Guardian technology editor, Charles Arthur, makes some interesting comments about who might be behind these scams. If you have received a call recently, maybe you would like to leave a comment.

In the years since this post was originally written this scam has changed to include the “Technical Department of BT” and “Virgin Media Technical Department”. The simple fact is that no “Technical Department” cold calls customers to tell them that their computers are in some way infected with a virus. These calls are scams, please don’t fall for them.

Oh and just is case you were wondering if Microsoft knows about this scam, well yes they were told about it in March 2010, it is just that they can’t be bothered to do anything about it…

Addendum: It would appear that Microsoft have finally woken up and realised there is a problem and this is their official advice. Please note that the scammers are now also claiming to be from: Windows Service Centre, Windows Help Desk, Microsoft Tech Support, Microsoft Support, Windows Technical Care, Windows Technical Department Support Group or Microsoft Research and Development Team (Microsoft R & D Team). So please take care.

Addendum: There have been a number attempts to comment on this blog saying that the fraudster making this calls are legitimate, the latest came from:

Author: luckysharma (IP: ,
Comment: this is genuine company…ok


Please note these calls are entirely fraudulent, do not allow these people to access your computer.

Addendum: There has been one high profile arrest and conviction but, sadly, there are plenty more still active. Please take care.


Addendum: I have had a number of people asking if there is a way of stopping these calls (see comments below), well there are call blocking devices available on the market which can be effective. You also need Caller ID on your phone line, this may be an extra cost depending on your phone provider. Some phone providers may not supply Caller ID for international calls and so you need to think about just who you want to block, to avoid blocking legitimate calls i.e. family members and friends living abroad, or people calling from switchboards where the number is withheld (personally this last one is a risk I would take). If anyone has experience of using such call blocking devices they would like to share, please feel free to comment below.

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  1. This morning I received the same call (I live in Spain). The funny thing is that I use ubuntu, not windows, but it seemed like he didn’t care much about this…

    Thanks for share this “phone-scam” and greetings from Seville!

  2. I got three times the same call, I live in Holland.
    When i answers the first call I knew it was scam. In Holland there is a program who warned people.

  3. I have had three calls so far from “windows tech support” and they all work the same. Some inaudible indian guy tells me that my computer is infected and asks me to turn it on. He transfers me to someone else who speaks better English who directs me to inspect my file system. Once I am “in the place” he transfers me to a senior tech advisor from “windows” who will help me fix my problem. I go along with it (as slowly as I can to waste their time) and at the point of the sting I ask the man on the phone for his microsoft employee ID. I tell him that I am a software developer for MS and for security reasons I will need his MS ID before I continue… Click! Phone hangs up.

    1. Just received same call from same Indian who finally got irate as I was asking too many question regarding his credentials.
      I recently had my computer reloaded by Dell because of some loading issues with Windows 8. I thought this might have been one of them since I was with them for over 20 hours. I went along until I got to a page that he wanted me to download this program that was suppose to show me what malware etc was there and what it was going to take to get rid of it. I asked if it was going to cost me? He said not if it was a minor problem. This after he told me I had a major problem to get me to this point. I told him I would call Dell, Microsoft, and my Antivirus company first. He became very agrivated, started talking very fast and hung up.

    2. My caller claimed to be from PC Research in Arizona although my caller ID read “Massachusetts.” It was hard to understand him and I tried to tell him I didn’t need his services. He continued to go on as if it was a matter of national security. Although I told him I was hanging up on him, I could still hear him pleading with me to see my computer.

    3. I’m not as quick as the rest of you. I received a call from an Indian-accented man yesterday claiming to be from the “WINDOWS TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT” telling me I had multiple issues with my computer and that they were receiving error messages indicating my computer was infected. When I hesitated, they went on to explain that my computer was sending error messages and haven’t I noticed it having problems? Well the catch was, and why I fell to the scam, was my computer DID have a major problem month ago when an automatic Windows update wiped out some of my software. After nearly 10 hours of phone interaction with the software companies and MICROSOFT, I got the problem resolved, I thought. So when they called me, I was vulnerable. ANd though I protested that I doubted their authenticity, He took me a website supposedly for some Onetechguys with the phone number I was supposed to call back if I had questions authorized by Microsoft (Obviously a bogus site as I couldn’t find it later)I STUPIDLY went along with their guise. Which they supposedly showed me that I had over 5k of error messages sent all dated and looking very authentic. Then took remote access to my computer and told me my antivirus (NORTON) and some other malware software I use had been reset to being off in the code of the program, even though they showed active and up to date on my screen icons. He ran around all over the computer and then took me to a website that supposedly guarantees all my software and clean up of my computer purchased at a price (nearly $700/lifetime subscription). I (and I regret I got sucked in this far because I have no idea what they may have put on my system) said NO. I was unemployed (which he repeated with an intonation of disbelief) and I couldn’t afford even the $139/year subscription. He hung up. I reloaded virus updates and reran everything to find no issues. I could not find the 5K error messages theoretically on my history somewhere that he showed me. SO obviously the remote access replaces your screen with their preprogrammed crap. However now I’m worried they may have something on my machine.

      My mother got the same call. She told them she doesn’t own a computer which was true. they hung up.

      Today I got another call saying the same thing. I told them I had already gotten a call and they did a bunch of stuff on my computer and I couldn’t verify afterwards what they showed me. He hung up.

      I hope it is only a scam to get you to buy expensive non-existent software coverage and not a virus they are loading onto your computer, but I feel foolish for having fallen to it. Had I not have had trouble recently and had talked to a Microsoft tech recently (initiated by me) I wouldn’t have been so vulnerable. SO BEWARE. HANG UP.

  4. when that guy called me i tried to play along, he told to to hit windowskey-R and type in eventvwr, off course i just played along so didnt do it but when i asked how he got my number as i never gave it to MS he hang up.^^

  5. Hi, I have just had the same type of phone call, from an Indian woman, said 93.8% of my computer software was corrupted and that Windows had provided my details to help me sort out the problem. Wanted me to open up a box to show she has my Windows ID. When I challenged and said I couldn’t verify who she was and wanted her number and I would call her after investigating she gave me this number 0151 324 1545.

    Beware of these scammers.

  6. Received call today. Gentleman with Indian accent would not give me a proper company name or a call back number. I said without this information I could not continue a conversation. He said my information was being broadcasted across the internet. Sorry Charlie. How you would know me, my computer use and then cannot provide any details on who you are…but the scare tactic does have some sway.

  7. Ive been getting these calls since last yeah and they are becoming every week now.
    it is always the same Indian woman who calls me. when i say that my computer has been unplugged for about a year and a half she becomes confused and reads her lines again .
    i become so angry today that i had ago at her and she tried doing her lines again!
    i told her to stop ringing me and put the phone down.

    i think next time im going to ask a few questions any ideas?

    1. Thanks her for phoning and tell her that you have been keeping her on the line while your friend who works in the Fraud Department has been carrying out a trace, then that your friend had gathered all the details they need and will be getting in touch, once they have the arrest warrant… 😉

  8. I just received a phone call from an Indian man named Steven Parker who claims he works for ”Windows technical department.” He told me that there were malicious files being downloaded to my computer without my knowledge. My husband works with computers and when I told him that we have a anti virus software he said that does not work. Then he gave me a ”computer number” and told me to go to my computer and when I refused he became very angry, and I told him I know nothing of computers he gave me his phone number to call back. 1-229-518-1202.

  9. Just got my 10th one for this year. SO sick of them. I just tell them I don’t have a computer and that they are lying to me… they hang up. Number comes up at 000. Maybe I just tell them I have an apple, so they must be lying! lol

  10. A woman from “Windows technical department” woke me up this morning calling from 009999100157 and told me my computer was sending error messages, and was “heavily infected”.
    There was a mambo jambo about a CLSID and some files, and she asked me to got to my computer – which I of course refused.
    When asking for the name of the files and where it’s residing on my computer she told me I was waisting her time, and hung up.
    I tried to browse for the location of the phone number with no success but it’s probably India that has country code +091.

  11. I just recieved a call from someone named Mike Green ( he sounded like he was from overseas) yeah Mike Green! He said he was from Microsoft windows dept. and I had a trojan virus in my computer and he will tell me how to fix it. I began asking questions, how did u get my #, I dont download anything I am not familiar with. I use this computer strictly thru my works VPN. He started getting frustrated with me as I told him I dont have time for this, and please email me. He claimed they dont do that type of thing… HUH??? and will give me my computer #s for verification to him being with Microsoft. I said; I dont have time for this so give me your callback #, he rattled off a 888 # and said you need to call by 7pm. I am glad I went online to research this call.

    1. I’ve just had a call like this. (I can’t really remember the conversation, but it went like this)

      “Hello Sir, I’m calling from Windows Technical Department. We have reports that your computer has some errors, are you aware of this issue?”

      (At this point, I’m pretty much confident it’s some kind of scam)

      Me: Ermm, no. Sorry, I’m not bothered.

      “’re not bothered about your computer?”

      Me: No, my computer’s fine, thanks. Bye. (I hang up)

      I feel sorry for the poor souls who fall victim to whatever scam these people are carrying out. Some people won’t be as computer savvy and will just trust these guys who claim to be part of the windows/microsoft company.

      ps. The guy had an indian-sounding accent.

  12. As of September 2012 they were still going at it. I got a phone call 9/18 from a Chinese or East Asian sounding man claiming to be from “Windows Technical Department” informing me that they had detected viruses on my computer. Since I was home teleworking through secure VPN on my laptop and I know every last one of the tech guys from my job (oh and also am not an idiot) I said that I had no idea how they could possibly know that. At which point he repeated his script “I am calling from Windows Technical Department. How are you?” I strung him along for fun for a minute and then said “yeah I’m done” and hung up. 5 seconds later he called back again. “Hello I am calling from Windows Technical Department. How are you?” and I said “Tired of phishing scams”. He hung up quite quickly.

    The good news is, it looks like the Technical Department has finally been caught –

    1. I have notice a small drop in the number searches looking for information on the “Technical Department of Windows”, but this scam seems to be on going, sadly.

  13. Got probably the 1000 call from these guys today, I’ve tried threatening them, telling them Im going to find them and hurt them if they don’t stop calling me etc… this time I played along, asked him what his address was he gave me this 333. S, Grand Ave in Los Angeles, Ca. He said he was from Windows Technical department of course, he said to press the windows logo and the R key at the same time which brings up the Run window and to type eventvwr which I did, he showed me how to pull up all kinds of warnings and errors then wanted me to sign into which may have compromised my computer as Log Me In is a site that allows people to control your computer, I told this idiot that I was an advanced computer user and that what he was saying was bullshit and that what he was doing was illegal and he hung up.

    I hope this helps someone!

  14. Just got the a call on my cell phone exactly as stated above. I told the female caller with an Indian accent that I knew how to clean up malware and spyware on my computer. She transferred me to a “supervisor”. The man, also with an Indian accent, stated that I needed to turn on my computer so I could watch as he cleaned up the malware. I asked if he was trying to sell me something. He became defensive and said “Who told you I am a salesman?” I said “No one, I simply asked”. Then I said I would take my computer in to the IT department at my business and have them work on it. He hung up on me.

    1. “John” worked so hard to disguise his East Indian accent calling from the “Windows Technical Department”. I couldn’t contain myself and started to laugh as I asked “what’s your company name? … you’ve got to be kidding”. That’s when John hung up.

    2. Just got a call this morning as describe above. The Indian guy had called me a week ago but I told him I need to consult with my husband first. Today, the guy gave me a registration # as reassurance when I indicated I was worried about a scam and warned me my Window’s liecense would be cancelled if I declined. I then asked him to speak with my son (a Computer Science Major), who politely told him we were not interested and disconnected when the guy kept persisting. Calling back, the guy demanded to know why we were refusing. When my son told him he thought the offer was bogus and BS-several times- he finally ended the call by telling my son to F-off MFer! I can’t believe these people can’t be stopped amd that they are still out there!

  15. Wow I can’t believe so many people are getting this call. I have had 2 such calls today from a man with an Indian accent. First time he called he said his name was Jay from Microsoft technical department and he could see where my computer had many very harmful viruses and malware being downloaded to my computer. He asked for me by name calling on my cell phone. This is very concerning. He kept telling me to turn on my computer which is already on. I told him I was sick and could not today. He called again later saying his name was Dave. He insisted I turn on my computer and authorize him to remove these viruses. I work in a call center as a computer tech so I knew he was full of bull. I am in the US in Texas getting these calls. It is a shame that people do fall for these scams.

  16. I just received the same call and knew about the scam as I heard about it on the radio just yesterday. They must be calling in my area code. I asked for a call back number and they provided 800 359 3702 which goes thru a few what seems to be call forwards and then turns to fast busy. I will inform Phone Busters of the RCMP

  17. I’m in Missouri, U.S.

    I got a call similar to all those above. The caller said his name was Jim, had an indian accent, and was calling from the technical department of my computer….. I cut him off after that and said I don’t think so and hung up.

    I custom built my computer which is was the first red flag. So none of the computer companies; HP, Compaq, Apple, etc. would have a reason to call me since I don’t own any brand name computers.

    Of course another red flag was I knew that Microsoft, or really any other software company, would not be calling for any reason. So why would this bunch be calling if they were from them or another software company.

    The final red flag was what caller id pulled up, a 6 digit number – 51-0006. No phone number in the US has a 6 digit number. And when googling that number nothing came up.

    So I knew these people were likely up to no good.

  18. I have recieved a call just few minutes ago simliar to your discription, a man with a Indian accent. The number on my caller ID was +40300110518 and I Asked him to give me your number so I can call you back this afternoon he gave me (516) 628- 9428. I didn’t make a call yet…

  19. I receive a call from these people about 3 times a month for the past year. I’ve dealt with them different ways each time…hanging up on them, laughing at them, cursing them out, claiming I don’t own a computer, and telling them I own a Mac.

    Today’s call was great though. For whatever reason I decided to ask to speak with his supervisor (with sarcasm). He told me he was the supervisor. I told him to remove me from their calling list (not that I believe they would ever do that). He persisted in continuing with his script, but I continued to control the conversation.

    I guess I must have truly annoyed him because he ended up finishing the call by saying, “F**k off, f**k off” and then hung up.

    That type of language does not offend me in the least, and I can dish it out just as well. But man, it was WEIRD hearing that with the Indian accent! LOL

  20. I was just phoned as well by an indian guy who said he was from windows 35 tech support…Name of Sam… asked for his phone number to verify..said he was in Adelaide..south of Australia …rang 0872001191 and an indian man named Allen answered????? I didnt bother returning .. too sus… he was getting all worked up…thank goodness for google..

  21. We just receved a similar call. Caller ‘Eddie Arthur’ said he was from the Windows Technical Department, and claimed our computer had shown up on multiple virus/malware reports for a while. He was unable to describe how he knew other than to say MS installs something on all computers that send out these reports. I requested the company phone number, which as suspected went to an unaware resident. Eddie called back 2x.
    We’re in Canada.

  22. I live in Malta and the last 3 days, I received the same calls! When I asked them for information, they hang up. They keep on trying……..and they are indeed people with an Indian accent. I’m so fed up of it, that I told them during their last call that I report them at the police and that they are after them right now…….of course they hang up and hopefully that was the last call from them.

  23. I literally just got off the phone with these people! I explained that I don’t own a computer (my fiancee does) so their information must be wrong and that I didn’t believe what he was saying and then he responded with “I don’t believe that you don’t own a computer”.. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he hung up. I can’t believe that there is so much of this scam happening and nobody can do anything about it!

  24. Hi, now a smiliar message from the Netherlands.
    today, my wife got a similar call on our fixed phone number (so not on our mobile number) claiming to be from “Windows Technical Department”. My wife asked who they were calling and they mentioned my wife’s surname. My wife asked where they were calling from and they replied the US. They hung up when my wife asked why they were calling her.
    so watch out, everyone!

  25. I got one of these calls this morning.

    Caller: “I’m calling about your computer.
    Me: ‘What about my computer??’
    “Caller”: ‘I’m from the technical department of windows’
    Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAH…….really?’

    Caller hung up.

  26. I’ve been receiving same calls recently. Person with strong Indian accent, in my case called Rebecca, from “Technical Department at Windows in Manchester”,
    Me: ‘what’s that – what’s the name of your company?’
    “Rebecca”: ‘Windows’
    Me: hmm – ‘how did you get my details’ –
    R: ‘we have all your details ma’am’ –
    Me: ‘what’s my name’
    R: ‘it starts with a J’,
    Me: ‘what’s my surname’ –
    R: ‘we don’t have that’

    Nor will you get it…..

    A complete scam – asking me to turn my computer on (it was already on) so they could remove malware and spyware which is corrupting my computer. I asked for their telephone number, she started with ‘618 812 ‘ then phone went dead. I dialled 1471 and got 00253 820 308, but can’t return a call to that number

    Have reported to action fraud – – suggest you do to.

  27. I had one of these calls. I had fun with it. Asked him to speak with the computer expert in the house and put my 4-year old son on the phone who asked him if he saw Toy Story lately and asked how old he was? Yeah, they hung up. 😉

  28. I’m in Australia & I get these bloody calls every day & sometimes the phone rings & there’s nobody there! But the technical dept even Know my name & the wife, I gave one bloke an earful one day & Said I’d jam it up his bum, I hung up & he rang back wanting to confirm that I would do this!

  29. The phone rang 8-10 times every 30 minutes – “Out Of Area” it was. I don’t answer the phone normally, the wife does and she’s out of town. I finally answered and there were supposed tech issues, etc. I asked what company it was, and the guy said, “Windows.” Yeah right. Told him off. I answered the next call, someone different from Windows. He said they detected issues with my PC. I told him I didn’t have a computer. He hung up… Idiots.

  30. Thanks a lot for these information, Kim!
    I had a call a few minutes ago and two of them yesterday.

    When they called first their caller id was shown:
    (The next time it was not shown… maybe they made a fault? ;))

    For all German-speaking people I published a blog post on my blog:

    Thanks again and best,

  31. I’m from switzerland. This morning I recieved the third such phonecall. My mom recieved about two or so. All were from windows technical department. I always asked them which of ma computers they were talking about. This confused them so much they hung up…

  32. I am in Sydney Australia and have just received a similar call from a gentleman with an Indian accent telling me he was from the Windows 35 technical department and that a lot of viruses had been reported coming from my computer. He wanted me to press the windows key and then R which I refused to do. He then gave me a long number which he said was my computer’s ID number. I eventually told him that I would not do anything he asked and that I was sure this was a scam and hung up.

  33. Calls from “Windows Technical Department” are a scam.

    REPORT IMMEDIATELY TO YOUR LOCAL POLICE AS CYBER-CRIME; they can ruin your computer and access your personal data.

    If you live in UK, use either (2) or (1) & (2) below (e.g. go to both sites if you want the reassurance that you’re on a genuine police site), or juts go straight to (2) the Action Fraud website.

    1) then click the link that says Action Fraud in the middle of the page, which takes you to…


    An Indian-sounding woman called ‘Iris’ phoned today claiming their systems had detected a virus on my Windows computer (I don’t own one). I strung them along a while to see what would happen. Basically they will ask you to access your PC’s operating system and make it associate with some malwear they plan to upload. Eventually i let on that I knew it was a scam & suggested she gets a job that doesn’t involve scamming and stealing. I was then passed to the “Senior Manager” “Andy Roberts”, who went to great lengths to assure me of the legitimacy of their “independent” company, claiming to be a service provider independent of Microsoft (yet somehow implying that they work with MS support), but that they “have our own service and support”. When I confronted him with how he new about the virus on my windows computer when i don’t even have one, he thought for a long time then hung up.

  34. oh wow, i just finished my second call with one “justin obama”, and during the call i found this site, after i told him i was in trouble and needed help burring my dead wife (joking ofcourse) he handed to the chief superivisor who refused to give his name he asked me if “inlight of the circumstances would i like to save my computer from shuting down?”, thats how you have fun guys

  35. Wow i can believe that so many people have had this experience too.

    Well i recieved the phone call at about 1:30. Well when i answered some indian dude spoke saying that my computer is full of viruses and asked me to turn on my computer and so i did. as i was doing this i asked where he was calling he said he was from windows tech deparment. well i said to myself ,”well okay lets see where this gos”. so then he told me to open up the start button and to open “run”. he told me to type in cmd and it brought a window with a whole mess of numbers and letters. he told me those are all viruses. the thing that made me laugh is when he told me to read to him what the window said at the bottom and right when i tell him he says,”ohh god”. lol he tried to seem like he was all worried .well anyways he asked me to download aa_V3.exe which i
    stupidly did and he attempted to sell me some security program. right there i asked
    questions like contact information his name, phone number , how do i know if this is real. he completely ignored my questions and just replied in ways like,” sir you computer in very high risk”
    and other bullpoop like that. so after the
    1 hour talk we had he had finally just asked if i wanted the program and i said no. at that point he just hung up.

    well from reading all these post that was probably a scam. now i got to find a way to get rid of that aa_V3.exe program. if anyone knows how please tell me.

  36. I was at my parents this morning and they received the identical call. (Male not female this time)
    Fortunately I my son is a computer engineer and I have always been interested in computers myself so I took over the phone call. (The Indian called himself Sam Wilson btw lol)
    I let him talk for a while to the point where he asked if I was near the computer and could I turn it on.. (A very bad move if it’s downloading malware!) I then replied that no I was not going to turn my step-father’s computer on and besides if there was a problem then I will get my son to look at it as he was an expert in that field.

    Exit one very worried Indian gentleman with a very doubtful name.

  37. Thanks for this post!!! You saved me. I just got off the phone now with the “Windows Technical Center” guy with such a thick Indian accent I could barely understand him. I suspected it was a scam, too, so when he told me to turn on my computer (which was already on), I put him on hold to Google for scams and found this page. After I read your post, I said “Not interested, thank you,” and promptly hung up. Thank you!!

  38. HAPPENING IN AUSTRALIA TOO I have recieved this call twice now in the last 2 days, once from anne, once from rose, both have indian accents….they both said they were from microsoft technical department.they put on the hard sell that i have errors that are corrupting my system, yellow triangles and and red errors, as they telling me how bad this is for my system i was clicking on the errors to see that the errors are basically startup errors that i guessed were harmless and normal problems every system gets….once they asked me to let them remotely access my system so they could d/l a program to fix the errors i started telling them microsoft wouldnt do this, they offered me a phone number to comfirm who they were which i dont think microsoft would do either…so yeah i ended up telling them they were full of crap and hanging up…i pity anyone that doesnt have the basic knowledge in system security (pensioners and newbies to computers)that gets these calls because they put on a hard sell and are semi convincing… should send out official warnings to all users that they dont use this approach to contact users.

  39. I received an International call from a man with an Indian voice saying he was from “Windows Technical Department” he gave his phone number as 02081334233.
    I could hear children in the background.I have not rang back.

  40. Have been receiving these types of calls for the past week or so. I did get a number 001-234-567891. Doesn’t look like a valid number but this is what shows up on my phone. The man said that he was from Windows Technical Department and had an Indian accent. He told me that there is an emergency problem with my computer and that I better get on line right away to correct it. I knew then that it was a scam and hung up.

  41. I am so tired of these guys. I have been getting calls from them for about a year. They have really gotten bad lately. They called me seven times Tuesday. I had nine calls yesterday and already two calls this morning. I keep telling them to remove me from their call list that I don’t run windows and they just hang up on me. Someone needs to stop this!

    1. Hi Shawndee, have you reported it to the police? ONLY way ‘somebody’ is gonna stop it is if WE keep reporting it 🙂

      It’s a simple numbers game: the more reports the cops get, the more likely they are to attach some resources to the problem. I guess you live in the US? Once you find the right police link, will you share it? I’m sooo sick of these guys too.

  42. i received a call today from a alex foster with a Indian accent speaking about the same things i see in all these comments. I say if this is a scam we should do something about this! he was trying to have me buy a anti virus software because i had to many errors on my computer and my firewall was expired but the funny thing about the story is that i was on my girlfriends laptop and i don’t own a computer so how is it that they called me about the computer? how did they even get my number? he kept insisting for me to give him access to the computer for he can check the problem for me again but i refused and he seemed frustrated but told me if i can get the money that he will call me back so i asked for a number and told him i will call him when i have the money but i was thinking ahead but going along with it. so i have the number and he thinks i’m going to call him to have him take the money for this anti virus but i figure there should be a way to track him and his little scam but not sure how to go about it yet! so if you have any ideas or anything you think i should do let me know please…

    1. It was just chance that you were using a lap top at the time, I have had a phone call from these people when I have been staying with my parents who don’t have a computer! Also the first time I received one of these calls I knew immediately they were lying as I don’t use MS Windows, so there was no way they could have been “getting signals” from my computer. Where do they get your phone number? Well there are nation & international phone directories for sale on internet, they just phone as many people as they can in the hope of finding a victim they can con, please don’t fall for it.

    2. Hi Jesus, well spotted. The only action we can all take is to inform the police fraud department. Please call yours. if you’re in the UK details below. If not, please find out and share so others can report it too!!

      Action Fraud line:

      CALL them on 0300 123 2040 (UK number)

  43. Had this same issue this week.. After telling her that I was feeling uneasy about the call and would rather go to a certified Microsoft store to fix the problem she proceeded to tell me that these stores are filled with unqualified technitions that would put more malware on my computer. Then she decided to aggressively tell me that I am offending her by questioning her integrity.

    I told her I had no money to pay for anything and that I would call her on the number she had provided me with (a random number in Sydney Australia) .

    I didn’t call her back and did not hear from her again.

    1. Short answer: Just hang up

      If you’ve got time to waste, then getting these guys to call you back at convenient times can be amusing!

      At 1st I told them that I didn’t understand how my computer was sending messages when it was turned off! They said that that was proof of the problems I was having!

      Having heard of scams like this, I tried to see just how far they’re willing to go to see if you’re a potential mug or some threat to them!

      As I am disabled & mainly use my neighbour’s computer for online shopping & he uses my wireless broadband, we share the fun!

      Putting off availability for several occasions, some guy presented himself as the team manager!

      As my neighbour was looking for his mail at the time, we agreed to start the procedure (that leads to them asking for access to your computer! DO NOT ALLOW THEM!)

      When they wanted to make sure they had me hooked, they even said that I’d get a FREE copy of WINDOWS 8!

      Hey everybody, give me access to your computers & I’ll give you as much money as I can fraudulently obtain!

      Still, sounding like I might part with some money, I asked them to send a mail to a dummy address I’d created which I gave my neighbour’s details (he agreed) & sure enough, I got no mail from them, but he got a call saying they could fix the problems that were causing them to receive error reports!

      Seems like they might be improving their techniques, don’t get caught! If you do need help from Microsoft, use the available online help & they will call you from a UK number if necessary

  44. Hi there I’ve been experiencing calls of this nature for the last 3 weeks from both male and female English speaking Asians.
    I very wary of such contacts being made from huge corporates like the Windows technical depts – they would normally only respond to a call from the user.
    Each time I have challenged the caller with needing to know more information before I would comply with their requests they have simply rung off. Today I became embroiled in a slaging match with this supposed employee of Windows who proceeded to call me a stupid bloody old british man!! My response was to let him know how old I was (64) and what I’d do with his telephone and computer if he cared to call on me??
    Can’t think that any authentic on line technical department would condone that sort of customer relationship?

    1. It is just a scam, if they feel they are not getting anywhere then they can get abusive, the best thing to do is just put the phone down.

  45. I was called by an Asian-sounding lady from the “Windows Technical Department”saying that my computer had generated “error messages” whilst online. Strangely, she knew my name and, obviously, my phone number. I am an Englishman currently in France yet the caller spoke only English! How could she know that the subscriber on my French number was English? It seems to me that the information could only have come from my broadband/phone supplier ‘’. When I pointed out that I do not use the Windows operating system, she apologised and said that there had been a mistake.I have recently contacted to resolve hardware problems.

    1. Paul, these calls are being made to people across the world, they didn’t know that you are English, they merely hope that the person they are calling can speak English. This is a scam work by phone very large number of people at random in the hope of finding a victim, when they do find a victim will exploit them all they can. This is why it is important that people know about this scam.

  46. Hello,

    Today a Asian man called me and said he is from the Windows Department. I told him that: How can I trust you? So he explains the whole situation what is wrong with my computer and that he works for the Windows Department. I ask him his name but he give not his name so I tought it can be a scam. When he told me to do something against the virus I didn’t do that and let him speak the whole time. After the instructions I ask him some guestions and he hung up the phone. After that stranhe call I decided to do some research on the internet and found this website. We must do something about this untrustfull Asian man. Also I am going to send a mailt to windows of this strange man.

    1. HI Jeff,

      Microsoft (Windows) won’t do anything, you need to report it to your county’s police fraud department.

      Please do take the time to report it! The more reports they get, the more likely they are to target them.

  47. The Technical Department of Windows called me a few days ago (June 14/2012). I also asked how he knew my computer had malware and he acted like he didn’t understand my dumb question. I asked if he was from Microsoft. First he deflected the comment and then said No. I played along… I asked his phone number. After much confusion, he gave me: 315-277-2288. He then sent me to his website where a photo showed about 5 people sitting in a line looking at computers. Only one Indian man sat in the middle. I asked his name, and how to spell it. After much fumbling, he said his name was James Thomson. I asked him to spell Thomson, which took some time. I didn’t realize that “James Thomson” was an Indian name (ha, ha). I asked where his company was located–he said Brooklyn, NY. I asked what this free service was going to cost me. He said Nothing. I said, But on your website it says this is a subscription. He pretended that I had lost my mind. Then he said in order to fix my computer problems, I had to download a file that would help us communicate better. It had an .exe ending. I told him I would not download an .exe file from an unknown source. He insisted it was safe and would not harm my computer. At which point I was exhausted and needed a Lindsey Lohan nap, and said goodbye. Please don’t call paramedics.

    1. LOL Lindsay Lohan nap and dont call the paramedics. But Yeah some guy names “Jeff Parker” with an Indian accent called me today too. I didnt think it was a scam at first cuz he was so nice, but I knew better. haha

  48. I almost fell for it this evening. A lady said she was from the “windows technical department”. I said I’d paid £100 a month ago to have my “warranty renewed”and she claimed this was aftersales support. I said I wasn’t going to part with any more money and she got all defensive. Bit more spiel about all the infections on my computer, leading me to filling in a form to give them, yes, some money! I hung up … these are really horrible people, DON’T WASTE A MINUTE OF YOUR LIFE ON THEM!!!!!

  49. I think they may be using VOIP, so not costing them anything, and no number to get. Perhaps the VOIP people like Skype could do something about tracking them and blocking/prosecuting.

    1. I wonder whether they work from home. Several posts have mentioned different phone numbers, including one with kids in the background. Mine gave me a phone number that actually worked (I called it back, but probably too soon because they actually answered it “Windows Technical Department”. It was 020 3239 7020.

  50. I’ve had around six of these over the space of a few weeks. They always say they are calling from Microsft’s Technical Department, are always Indians [if you know the accent it’s obvious] and sounds like there are a number of operations going on, with different scripts. The last one hung up when I asked for his telephone number; they are always hidden so 1471 doesn’t work. They try to get you to delete Windows files ‘that are corrupted’, and if you fall for that I don’t know what happens as I’ve never got further without calling their bluff.

  51. After a few of these calls I like to pick a random swear word (my fav at the mo starts with an F and ends with Off) and count how many times i can say it before they hang up. If you want to play along then my record is 11

  52. I just received a phone call from an Indian claiming to be from the Windows Technical department.


    This obviously is a scam and totally non-genuine. I couldn’t get a number from where they were calling from, as it shows as withheld on the LCD. This is the second time I’ve had a call from them.

  53. Just got a calls from these idiots. Actually the 4th call in 2 days. starting to get really annoyed by it. I did confuse him by telling him my computer has never been connected to the internet. made him stammer for a few minutes.

  54. Just got a call from these idiots too. He claimed to be John and had an Indian accent. The phone number that he gave was 855-263-0068.

    Don’t fall for this scam!

  55. just had a call from an Indian lady called Anna from Windows Tech dept saying turn on your computer as major virus. Hung up but she rang back I asked for website and fone disconnected. I later Rang the number given 02 90372906 and Wilson answered and said company was UK company UTH help support centre and this was Sydney call centre. He wanted my number but I refused and hung up so if anyone wants to bombard them with calls go for it

  56. Yep, It is worldwide alright; and I bet this is just one of hundreds of blog sites about these obnoxious folks. Received 4 calls in the last 2 weeks; all variations on the same theme. My computer is going to crash; it is in dire danger! Yeah, right…and which technical support group are you with??? I’ve got an ongoing list of company phone numbers, company names, their names, their supervisors’ names, company locations, employee IDs AND IT’S ALL BOGUS! All callers have had varying degrees of Asian Indian accents with Anglo names; I am waiting for John Doe! I just try and keep them talking and explaining to see how deep the whole gets and to get them mad before I end the call! My location in Pennsylvania USA.

  57. They called me at 5:50 in the morning!!!! And apparently I am powerless to make the calls stop. I have blocked all anonymous numbers, but the number they use to get through is useless. I can block individual numbers, but there are so many listed here that it is hopeless. This is wrong!!!

  58. We received the same call today. An Indian guy by the name of Peter Watson, employee ID 786 (i am sure that’s not his real name). He gave me their phone number as 1-520-720-0725. I cannot believe how confident they sound, trying hard to convince you that it is a legitimate call. I wish authorities are able to reach them and jail them for LIFE.

  59. Sadly my 83 year old mum has just been caught by this scam .. a foreign woman phoned her up from the ‘Windows Technical Department’ telling her, that a virus had infected her computer. She was asked to pay £140 to get it sorted out. She managed to whittle it down to £50, then gave both her visa debit card and Barclay credit card details … Not only that, she also agreed to down load some software, to allow their tech guy to solve the problem from his end !!! .. We have now got a PC with an unknown and unwanted software program on it, giving the scammers access to her pc, personal details, bank details etc., …. I phoned the company and pretended to believe them .. their details are as follows …
    Tele : 020 302 61927 the address they gve, google shows as a 3 bed semi in London… 4 Cardinal Place Central London SW1 1NX My mum is not computer literate, she believed everyword this woman told her … She now cannot use her PC until it is sorted out. She is very distressed … DONT LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU

    1. Sorry to hear about your mum being taken in by this scam, I would have thought something would have been done by now as this has been going on for years. If you are near southampton UK then I would be happy to wipe and reinstall her PC for free if she hasnt got it done already. It wouldn’t take long and u can look over my shoulder to see how to do it if you want in case of any future problems.

  60. yeah i jus recieved a call from these stupid scammers jus now, my father winded them up by asking them who they work for and asked if they could give their informartion but they refused by making an excuse up, and actually we don’t evn use our computer so i dunno how it was possible for them to say all that crap cuz how would they evne know.I am asian myself so i started talking to them in urdu then they cut it !

  61. I got this call aswell, again, indian accent, he told me to turn my PC on and said there were some problems and some stuff are downloaded and malware blah blah blah, he kept changing subjects and did not answer my question about who he is. If anyone get’s this phonecall, be careful

  62. I just got the call….twice… very pushy witha sn indian accent. I asked how they got my name, said a friend….I asked if it was Raja… they said yes, it was. Well, I told them Raja is my cat and thet they were scamming me. They called back and said I had no “mind” and that my was infected. It is working just fine.

  63. Same story. I’m in San Francisco, so this is really a global scam. Someone with an English name speaking English with a heavy accent, called to warn me that my computer has been taken over by hackers and is infected with the dll virus and that my anti-virus program doesn’t work. While he was talking, I looked up the number he gave me and found that other people have gotten similar calls from the same number..

    The first really obvious giveaway was that the phone number he told me he was calling from (a US number) was recited in a cadence that was obvious that the person speaking didn’t live here.

    When I told him that I think they are scamming people, he told me that I could just let my computer crash and then he hung up.

  64. I received a call today also saying they was from windows tech dept another indian! telling me i had a infection on my computer and carried on babbling on i said your lying your not from windows give me your number and i’ll call back. he tried to change the subject and asked how i could know that he wasn’t from windows as of course he was from windows i replied i’m on MAC. he gave me a number 01204413868 i haven’t called it yet as i thought i’d check up on the computer first. so thanks for all these comments!

  65. I have downloaded and been using Microsoft Security Essential (free from Microsoft)and been using it as my virus protection for the last 3 years. Knock on wood, I haven’t had any problems since. I used to have Norton, but did have problems. hopefully, what these people (Windows Technical Department) say about my computer being infected with some malware is not correct, and will keep enjoying my free Microsoft security Essential. But it is scary that people can find my phone number and have the excact 36 digit ID of my computer.

    1. The 36 digit number you describe is not the ID number of your computer, it is common to all copies of Microsoft Windows, this is part of the scam to make you think they are genuine. They have your name and phone number from an international telephone directory, and that is all they know about you. When the ask you go to this is so that they can directly access you computer by using remote access software, but they can only do this if you give them permission to do so. Once they have this access they are able to take full control of your computer and do what every they like with it. This is very dangerous. If someone cold calls you and ask to install any form of sharing software do not do it.

  66. Yes, I got a call today too. I asked who they were, They said they are with Windows Technical department. They also gave a call back number 971 217 9510. when I called they answered and said they are the windows technical department. They even guided me to type some thing in the Run windows of my start button. Then guided me to type some commands in the DOSS window, which I did. Then some numbers appeared which according to them was my computer id number. When they told the number which was like a 36 digit number, it was correct and much what I was reading on my screen. so they had that right. Don’t know how they accessed it. Then they wanted my to go to “” which is a monitor sharing site. They said they wanted to fix a malware on my computer which would wipe out all data on my computer. At that point I did not go any further.

  67. Just had a similar call myself from the ”Windows Tech Dept” She said my computer had some problems that was making it slow, I insisted that my computer was ok and I didnt want anything ‘fixed’ she continued with her script she wanted me to run something called ‘serverw’ I told her I was not running any such thing and I certainly was not going giving her my computer ID which is what she was after or so she said. I really hope these calls dont continue, pity Windows/Microsoft doesnt make people aware of this problem seen as its going on so long and clearly so many peolpe have got these calls.. I am from Ireland so its def an worldwide problem. I am def gonna wind them up if they call again!

  68. Hi, got my 1st call yesterday. I live in France. The scammer calling me was Kevin Parker, Windows Tech. Support from London, no 0203606 …. I was careful, telling the Indian sounding guy it all sounded fishy and I’d call my husband who’s a computer architect. Having read all your comments, I just hope it’s not the 1st call of many to come!

    1. Got a call a few minutes ago from an Ibdian guy called Kevin Parker too. He said he was from Windows tech support or something like that and that they had received intel that malicious software was on my PC.

      I asked him several times what this software would do but he had no answer.

      He was telling what to do on my PC so I continued stringing him along but I had no PC with me. I asked him his name and he told me, I then asked which country he was in and he hung up.

  69. I have received these calls also. They are persistent. I listened just to see how far they would go and what the fees would be, knowing they would be ridiculous. You have to alert everyone to this scam! Kay

  70. same thing, they called from “windows technical support”. I asked very amused from which company they called. she told me, “windows is a company, right?”… i answered “no, microsoft is one, windows is their product”…. she hang up right away and i was laughing….

    spam Spam sPam spAm spaM – try to speak with them really longe making questions, so they at least will have a heavy phone inquiry!

  71. I’ve had the same thing happen repeatedly. They rang again today – twice I tell them the person they want isn’t available. When I entered into a discussion with the Technical Support they said that they got my details from Microsoft’s head office and i asked how? They said when we bought the computer and registered the details. When i told them we were given our computer and never registered anything and how I thought it was a scam they hung up. Funny how my computer which was due for Imminent Collapse several weeks ago is still fully functioning!

  72. April 17/12
    Just received a phone call from the “Technical Dept” from Windows From a Kevin Parker gave me a phone # 1-647-288-1790 telling me that Windows has been having some problems and wanted me to go to my computer and turn it on. I did not have to go into the internet just needed to turn my computer on. I had just received a phone call last week about a “scam” so i was very hesitant to go any farther. Told him I would call him back and then searched the internet until I found this site. Thanks for the comments. I will not go any farther.

  73. I also recieved a call from a woman, with an indian accent, this morning. She was claiming to be calling from windows technical service. She told me that I did not need to go on line to fix the problem it was all done off line. Since I was already on the computer I asked for her phone number and if I called back would I reach windows tech support. She gave me the number 424-649-7998. As I was asking where she was calling from I was looking up area codes. She claimed that they were located in New York city…but the area code was for Los Angeles.

  74. I have been getting calls from these Indian guys for a few weeks now, when I asked for his name, he told me his name is Andy Smith,and I can’t even understand his English. I asked to speak to his supervisor, when I asked for his name; he gave me his name as Roy Mcroy with his ID numbers. Basically they just want me to turn on my computer and guide me through how to fix some problems. I hung up on him. I got another call today with a guy speaks fluent English and told me I had nine problems on my computer and I asked him how did he get me number? He replied from their data base. I told him I don’t even register my window software and I don’t want to do anything on my computer, he said good bye and hung up. I hope these guys don’t call again.

  75. Just got the call, and immediately did a search on Google for “phone call from the technical department at Windows”. I basically told the guy, I don’t even have a computer than runs Windows. Bye.

  76. Annoying is an understatement. I have just received about 6 calls in quick succession. Everytime I hang up, the guy calls back and rambles on about my computer being infected with viruses. So the fourth time round I put my 3 year old daughter on and put the phone on speaker. She says ‘heyo’ (clearly a child’s voice), and he asks ‘Are you the main user of the computer?’ She says: ‘Yes’. He says: ‘I want you to go to the front of your computer’, at which point I take the phone and hang up…. And he calls right back again! This time I just hang up immediately without a word. And yet again, he calls. As I’m expecting an international call, I have to pick up for fear of missing an important call. But who should it be? So this time I raise my voice telling him not to call again… It’s been about 20 minutes and he hasn’t called back! THANK GOD!!!

    I’ve been receiving these calls for about 2 years now, but always just hang up midway. Let’s see how long it will take for them to call again! *sigh*

  77. I just received a call from “Windows Technical Dept”, it sounded dodgy so I told him to call back as I was making tea for my kids. He had an Indian accent in a very noisy call centre. I then found this webpage so when he calls back can tell him to go away. I’ve had some trouble with my computer lately so thought for a minute they were ringing to help me, so I can see how people might fall for the scam, especially if you’re not that experienced with computers. My call display showed a private number and I’m in Australia so it’s really a world wide scam.

    1. To judge from the traffic to this post this is a world wide scam, I am seeing an increasing number of hit from all over the world. Take care, don’t give access to your computer to someone who just phones you up out of the blue.

  78. Thanks guys, could have had a problem had I not check this site out. They called my mum today and as she is computer illiterate asked them to call back and speak with me. In the meantime she was in a terrible state. They talk the talk! I asked for a number to call him back on he gave me 02032860682. BTW I am based in France! Are they expanding? “Daniel” is supposedly based in Victoria Street, London.

    1. Midwest USA here. I also received call from “Technical Department of Windows” saying my computer had been sending them messages for the last 2 days saying it was running slow.
      Told them that was pretty funny since I had not had the computer on for the last 2 days. He said “oh” and hung up.

  79. Got a call from “Crystal” phoning from 012102490540 saying they were from the “windows technical departement” saying there was an “error tracking tool” pushing out error messages on our computers.
    Strong Indian accent.
    Felt very uncomfortable so I hung up on her. Really very dodgy. How do you report this?

  80. I recieved the same call this morning from the same indian mofos telling me they are from windows. They tried to sell me a new “Firewall liscence”. He said he would help me get rid of the problem on my computer but it ended up corrupted. Now i have to reformat the computer. Im sure they were able to access all the files on my computer. I am furious. Something should be done about this.

  81. I just got a call from some Indian guy who says he works for Windows Technical Support. I asked him for his telephone number which he said was 505-715-6911 but my caller ID registered another number which was 213-271-1590. I knew it was a scam from the beginning because I have never received a call from anyone from Microsoft. The scam artist wanted me to go to the Run menu and type the letters: eventvwr. He said that my computer is running slow, and my computer was sending messages to his department. What a bunch of bullshit! Anyway, I told him that I do not care that my computer is running slow and said goodbye.

  82. i recieve call from this company very regually dispite being on the TPS register.after trying to make them understand what i was saying, or asking any question and just being hung up on, ive resorted to just screaming down the phone they will soo get the message and take my number off their list and have a very bad ear ache.

  83. i just got a call from “computer technical department” the guy started talking and i interrupted him and told him to remove me from his callin list. he asked me why and i replied bacause i said so, he got quiet and i asked if he had done it yet, he said no. i asked to speak to his supervisor and he hung up…i hope they removed me from the list lmao…next time they call it will be my entertainment cuz i think i’m gonna mess with them lol!

  84. I’ve been getting calls from these guys for about 6 months now. Averaging about 2-3 calls per week. In the past I’ve just hung up. I’m getting so sick of them that I’ve started telling them to take my number off their list. In Canada, it’t the law that they have to stop calling once there has been a verbal request to take the number off the list. After that it’s considered harasment. Now, when they call, I just tell them that they are breaking the law and I’m calling the RCMP and they hang up pretty fast. I just have to get around to calling the good ol’ RCMP ;). Actually, the RCMP does have a telephone scam buster dept and I’ll just report to that. Grrr. These guys are annoying.

  85. Just had one of these calls. The third in the last couple of years. In each case I ask for clrafication of the company name and get the same as everyone else here excpet this time it was without a mention of Windows! What annoys me more than the calls is where do they get my phone number from, is it just pot luck or do they really have access to my computer and contact information!?? He got a rough time today, at least it made me feel better!! :-))

    1. These phone calls are just scams. It is quite easy to get list of phone numbers and they are just phoning on spec. They do not have any access to your computer before making the call, they are just hoping to persuade con you to give them access.

  86. Just got a call from ”Windows Technical Dept.” from their London office. A woman with a eastern european accent spoke to me then passed on to her supervisor – english accent. They said I my PC was infected and etc etc etc….Was not convinced so I played along. After several attempts of trying to work with their instructions regarding ”Event Viewer”, they advised me that they would be passing my details to one of their techs and advised me of their charges ranging from 50-100 euros. Still not convinced, after 20 mins of conversation, they hung-up. Did my research and yes it is part of a scam. So guys, watch your backs if you get a call from the erm ”Windows Technical Dept / operations dept”. And the number they called me from was 0301932500

  87. I had one of these calls this morning. I hung up immediately. after 15 minutes i rang the number and the asian sounding person answered. i wanted to know what he wanted and when he asked for my name i hung up. he said they are computer techical support. the number is 00 44 2081334576. i hope they catch the B…

  88. Folks, the same thing happen to me and my wife, this guy Alias Daniel Smith With indian accent windows technical dept from berkshire, we let him to run our computer in the end/ is a bogus wants 100 pounds ,ashamed to these kind living species. In this new modern world of technology nobody is safe now.Evil hackers, phone hackers. This is an chronic organised crime syndicate that govt should take actions immediately. hope our computer is out of rats!

  89. Got a call this morning the second this week. When I asked for the company name I was repeatedly told “Windows Technical Dept” I then asked for their phone number, all the while the Indian guy was trying to run through his script, in the end he hung up. 1471 gave unidentifiable network.

  90. My Mom has been receiving calls now for some time but I keep on telling her not to speak to these guys (she is almost 80 and can get a little confused occasionally). She is under strict instructions to give them my mobile number. A guy claiming to be Christian Lamb, Senior Manager of Microsoft Windows Technical department with a telephone number of 001 201 844 6490 called her. She called me and I called him. Eventually I got hold of him, he confirmed he had been speaking to someone and gave me both my mothers telephone numbers. Told him I couldnot do anything with the computer right now to stall him. He said not a problem, he would send details to my series id code on my computer of what I should do. Thoughtout the whole of my conversation, I kept on repeating to him that the call was being listerned to by the Police and that they had taped the call – he seemed undeterred. Time will tell but I am sure it is a scam!

  91. We keep receiving calls from these people and when asked for their name and number. The name I was given was Kevin Brown (definitely not the person I was speaking to!)and number I was given is 020 881 99827. at the time of the call it was answered as I said I needed to verify who they were – ansaphone now.

  92. I received one of these “computer technical department” calls today, from a gentleman with a very strong South Asian accent.

    A few seconds into his script I interrupted him and told him that I wasn’t as gullible as he clearly needed me to be .. and then hung up on him.

    He called right back and told me to “f**k off”. Minor victory that I got so far under his skin that he felt it worthwhile wasting yet another international call to London, solely in order to vent his spleen 🙂

  93. Seeing as the authorities are ignoring this situation how about some poetic justice. Are there any people out there capable of hacking their site that wouldn’t mind shutting these guys down for a while. I’d do it myself but don’t know the first thing about hacking. These guys need to be stopped!

    1. Just had a phone call calling themselves “PC Technical Department” the guy said he was phoning on behalf of my ISP but when I asked him he was my ISP he couldn’t tell me, so funny, just keep these guys on the phone as long as you can priceless.

  94. Had yet another call from an Indian sounding person, saying my Windows Operating System was showing faults which were reported to them. Keep talking from script and not listening until I said: ‘Are you listening! I do not use Windows!!’ Answer was that they must have been given the wrong telephone number, but had my name, telephone number and address! Based in UK. Thanks for info on this site!

    1. I was wondering how long before other fraudsters would get in on this scam. It certainly started in India where there are plenty of people with the technical skills to take advantage of those people they can con into downloading the remote access software on to the victims computer and give full admin access. The best advice is not trust anyone who cold calls you telling you that there is a problem with your computer. If you are worried about your computer get someone you know and trust to take a look at it.

  95. just had a call from an Indian sounding chap (very bad call line), he told me they were in Oxfordshire – Global H Solutions Windows Tech Support Dept- told me i could call back on 0800 0148414 ?

  96. i was called by a jamaican woman today and in spite of the fact that my answering machine was on, the idiot kept saying halo? halo? halo? then breathing into my phone, so i picked up. what? and she wanted my parents and i said not home, then she said what time will they be home? i said who is this? she said windows technicals support. i said there must be some mistake, i dont have a technical problem.
    she said sometimes you get pop up windows.
    i said what are you selling?
    she said i am technical support for windows, i said tell you what, dont ever call here again. and i hung up.

  97. Has had yet another of these stupid phonecalls off these scammers!!!!!Ive had enough now this is my 5th call from them!My number should be not available to public etc as im ex directory so dont quite understand how they keep coming up with my number!!!!I do just make out to go along with the phonecall for about 20mins and then reply saying does it make any difference if i told u my laptop is a mac haha phone goes straight down!!!

  98. (from Canada) I have received this call first about two weeks ago, then again today and like you I googled it and found your post. the first call I “pretended to go thew his game, and then pretended to be really confused and asked him to call back when my hubby got home. With this call, the same Indian-accented man, I told him i didn’t own a computer, and he said “are you sure”… I giggled and said “I think I’d know if I had a computer or not”, then he asked if I had a laptop… to which I stated “What part of “I DON’T HAVE A COMPUTER” did you not understand?” he then quickly hung up. I am contemplation calling the police but I’m not sure what they can do.

  99. thanks for putting those key words microsoft tech department cause i found yuor message and my mother had just got a phonecall at home from these indian scammers and their phone number 0261004030 we all need to stick together to fight these germs from scamming people thanks haeps kim

    1. I just got a call and got this exact same number. it was from Lucy watson and when I asked for the abn she gave me 137, then changed it to 1338. shouldn’t an abn be longer than that?

  100. My my, they are busy. Also just received a call (Adelaide). Thanks for this site! Saves me a lot of time. We got a telephone number to call in Sydney: 0280057806. Indian sounding man, couldn’t answer questions, it’s all mentioned in the posts above. Let’s all stay alert and warn each other for scammers like this!

  101. Thanks…informative. Got a call from them today. I live in Canada. Their first problem was to call me the “Mrs” and used my husbands name. And really Windows department. I inquire and asked more questions about his creditials, he couldn’t answer so he never finished his script and hung up. I sure hope that people will not fall for this.

  102. Me too, I had previously told them I use a Mac and don’t want their calls, this time I let them talk to me for longer trying to find out how they got my number. I got the first guy, then the ‘apple’ lady, then the supervisor!! I held them up! Told them I would not do anything until I had researched it, thank goodness I did. great website, thanks

  103. I had a call from Windows Computer Technical Department twice.

    He warned me about infection on my computer, sad, that it is more threaten, then virus, and asked me open computer and follow his instruction in order to clean my computer.
    So I am only user, I told him: “Let me consulting my son, he is professional man, and after call me back in 15 minutes”.
    The man named Ryan and gave me Phone # 18015120605

    He never called me back.

  104. Just had my call from these guys (I’m in UK). My wife took the call and was going to hang up but I took it over. The guy said again that he was from Windows Technical so I asked straight out, are you Microsoft. He eventually admitted he wasn’t and quoted another company name but I couldn’t understand him. Also tried 1471, to no avail.

    My sister in Adelaide (Australia) got scammed by these guys. Had my brother-in-law run some command which brought up loads of errors, probably quite normal ones, but he was worried about it, gave them access to his computer and then paid some huge amount (>$100) for them to ‘clean’ out the errors. Really p***ed off by this scam.

  105. I just received a call too. He took me through the “run” button process thing to “prove” to me that he knew that my computer had issues by letting me see the errors and warnings in the list. he asked me how many I had and when I said about 50, he kept saying “Oh my God” which I thought was quite an odd thing to say, and not something that a technical person would say.
    I probed him several times and explained that i couldn’t see why I should do what he’s asking me to do without knowing who he was. He said he called from Microsoft Windows technical department. He kept saying “listen to me Maam”. I told him that I didn’t like the way he patronised me especially as I had not asked for support from anyone, and that I wanted to do some checks on who they were before I gave him any details and that I would call him back once I was satisfied that he was indeed there to help me and not get inside my computer. He quoted my home address which freaked me out. I asked him how he knew my phone number and address (I have only lived here 6 months) and he said that this information came up on their system whenever someone had issues on their computer. I felt very uncomfortable. He took me to the website which was very poor ( is what he made me type in the run button). When I saw that there was a code to enter, I thought, no way am I letting this rude guy into my machine when I haven’t got a problem in the first place. I said that if I felt that I had an issue with my computer, I would take it off my own back to a technician where I live or make a phone call to Microsoft myself.
    When I asked him the name of the company he did stutter a bit and kept saying “Microsoft Windows technical department”. I asked him for the proper company name and said to him, when you tell someone where you work, you say that you work for who exactly? And he gave me that name again. I found that strange too as it doesn’t sound like a company name. If it was Microsoft, it would have just been “Microsoft”. He has given me the postcode of L44 HT1 and a phone number of 0151 324 1484 for me to call back “when my computer crashes” he said. When I did a 1471, the number that called me was withheld!!
    Anyway, I certainly won’t be calling them back. And thank you everyone on here for your comments as you have helped me see that my gut feeling was correct!

  106. I’m in Canada and get these calls all the time. 2 already today, maximum 8 in a 24 hour period. Always seems to be a different person, always male, always an Indian accent. Say they’re calling from Dallas or Florida. Depending on my mood I either hang up or try asking them questions. They stick to their script mostly, but I’ve gotten some “answers” out of them. When asked how they got my phone number, they say that Microsoft gets an error report and then give it to the “technical department”. They claim that my phone number is on that report. Eventually, they get agitated and hang up. One time, the guy got so angry that he told me: “change your f***ing phone number if you don’t want to get these phone calls”. I haven’t.

  107. I just had my umpteenth call from ‘Windows Technical Department’ girl called ‘Vicky’ I asked to speak to her manager, (all indian sounding),the manager’s name is ‘Mark Miller’, he got angry with me when I asked to be taken off the list they have me on, when I asked where they were based he gave me the address 1 Epping road, North Ryde, Sydney (I live in Western Australia)& a telephone # 0261005594, it’s disconnected, when I googled the address a picture of microsoft comes up! ‘Mark’ was very persistent trying to get me to go through a series of commands, I wrote them down but obviously did not enter them on my pc. I have now reported this to Scamwatch, apparantly tho Microsoft have been aware of this scam for around 2 years, mmmmmm

  108. I live in Sydney NSW and received one such call on my landline phone around 5.40 pm on Monday 8th August 2011. (Robbed me of my Hot Seat relaxation time!) The male caller with a difficult foreign accent was from the “technical department of Windows” and said his name was Max(then gave a surname the same as mine!) I asked who he really is and in what country to which he said the name again and “Australia”. I was said to download things (such as music which I do not.. but he was “just speaking generally”) and that I have a virus (which I did not believe) and he was there to help. Again asked “who are you to help?” he claimed to be a Windows service provider and when asked for his name as a service provider he gave 24x7BCK. I asked how much will it cost and that stymied him completely except of course “it will depend what we find”. Tongue in cheek I asked for a number to phone back if I decided to get help and he gave 1800 774 873 and repeated this. Testing it out later I found I got a different 1800 number with a good Oz accented guy. I explained I was just testing as I had got the number I dialled from a very peculiar incoming unsolicited phone call and was checking up. This guy’s comment (in his fine Oz accent) was “that’s a real worry”. Too right! Just googling now for windows techincal support I get better educated … well at least I was suspicious but one does have better things to do.

  109. I just received a call from Technical Department Windows saying that they had received many emails from my i.p. address. When I questioned them they hung up. I call another call and when I said I had just googled and found they were a scam. They replied we are not a scam madam. I replied “I do not want to give you my personal information and do not call me again, thank you”. I was just stern not cross and didn’t swear at them – I am posting this in your blog just in case I get any further calls from them. Then I can send to Consumer Direct.

  110. This date Aug. 5th about 10:00 a.m. I received a call from supposedly Windows Technical Department, stating that I had malicious ware on my computer. I had a hard time understanding the East Inidan accent, so they gave me another person. I asked him how they knew this, they said, that messages were sent to them. I asked for their phone number, name and badge numbe. I told them I had Dell and Microsoft support and that I would not be paying for anything else. He fumbled around trying to figure out something, then disconnected us.

  111. I’m in Australia and have been getting these for a while now. This time, for a bit of fun, I decided to ask them for their ABN (Australian Business Number) for identification purposes. He gave me a five digit number obviously made up on the spot. I had ABN Search open in front of me in case he gave me something resembling the real thing (I initially thought he was a telemarketer rather than a scammer). He then said he’d get a supervisor who got on the phone and said their ABN is confidential. That really got me laughing give all companies provide their ABN so that other companies can claim GST. I really hope these idiots read this site. If anyone gets an ABN from them, make sure you google ABN Search and plug it in, it’d be fun to see what they come up with.

  112. I’m in the UK. I’ve just had a call from “The Techical Department of Windows Computing”. I told him “no thanks”, and he hung up, then found this on a Goggle search. The caller had an Indian accent, and asked for me by name. Reading other blogs, there is a suggestion that these calls may coincide with buying a new computer or using a technical help line. I’ve recently bought a computer from Staples and registered it with them and Microsoft. It may be coincidence, but I’ve never had such a call before – and I haven’t bought a computer for years.

    1. I would think it is just a coincidence, I get a large number of hits on this post everyday from all over the world, some even come from Mac users…

    2. We’ve been having another batch of these calls. Previously we have been subjected to several in Springtime.
      The latest didn’t both to block his London UK number and an online search indicates other folk have had calls from same…. 0203 232 7676

      I will now revert to our usual unsolicited call…. be polite and ask if they can hold on while I get my father/manager/colleague/great aunt etc…. and then just leave them hanging on and, hopefully, wasting their money.

  113. I live in Canada and these people have been calling for months. In the last week I started getting calls past 9 & 10 at night (I am an early riser and am in bed at this time). I ask a lot of questions, and manage to get them to hang up on me rather than me hanging up on them. The first time my mother answered the phone and asked which computer sent a message (there are several in the house, both pc & Mac). The answer was the “main computer” she asked what company they work for and was hung up on.

    I answered the phone at 9:45, irate, and I asked what company the lady worked for. She said it was the windows technical department. Later in the conversation I said, you work for Microsoft, right? And she said no – at which point I told her that this is a scam and she hung up on me. Note, when I complained of them calling so late, the lady said “I don’t know what to tell you, we work 24 hours a day…”

    I just got another call, which I answered, and I asked for a number to call the windows technical department back at. He said, the number is…”click.” and hung up on me.

    I have caller ID and usually don’t pick up any “unavailable name & no,” but somehow these people need to be gotten to stop – they can’t call at odd hours of the night in an attempt to destroy my place of work (my computer).

    This is such B.S.

  114. I live in Canada and work from home in the afternoons. I get a call from “windows support” at least 3 times per week. Other than getting my number unlisted what else can we do? This is insane!!

    1. ring your telephone supplier and tell them you dont want any unsolicited calls or explain what happened and they can help . i did this for my optus acct and it stopped on my mobile and house phone . i think when you sign up with a supplier someone illegally hands our info on

  115. just received a call too from an guy with indian accent who claimed he works with a company affiliated with windows technical department. he said my computer was infected with virus and was going to crash soon and they were here to help prevent it. he then asked me to go to http://WWW.AMMY.COM (what a dumb site) i played along without actually going to the site.he directed me to click and download a couple of stuff and to run it on my computer. i then provided them a fake 7 digit number which they said should start with 3…… i finally googled windows tech dept and found out that it doesnt exist and that it was a scam, i hung up the phone.

  116. I’m in Queensland and had one of these calls tonight from an Indian accented man, who subsequently passed me to his ‘supervisor’ when I asked too many questions. His name was Roy Watson – a stange name for another man with an Indian accent. It all sounded too dodgy so my wife started checking details on Google whilst I was still talking with them. We found this site, noted that the above comments were all similar to what I was hearing, so I said I would call them back, which I had no intention of doing but it was a way of getting their number, apparently in Melbourne. Not surprised that they’ve already called me back twice whilst I’ve been typing this! What a pain they are… what part of “not interested” do they not understand?!

  117. Got a call this (Saturday) evening from ‘the computer technical department’. I am in Scotland. The Indian voice said that there was a problem with my computer. On their system, my IP address was flashing red! I asked him several times what he was selling but he seemed not to hear. He then guided me on my computer through My Computer > (Rt click)Manage > Event Viewer > Application. This revealed a list of items whose purpose I have no idea. The first column of the list normally showed ‘Information’ but occasionally ‘Error’ or ‘Warning’. He said that I need to get rid of the errors and to this end he wanted to connect to my computer. At this point I said goodbye. I have no idea what they hope to achieve from this. Would anyone actually agree to let them get control of their machine?

    However, I must find out what the Event Viewer display is telling me.

    1. Unfortunately there are people who have been fooled into letting these fraudsters have control of their computers.

      According to Microsoft’s own survey ( “79% of people deceived in this way suffered some sort of financial loss”. The details are even more galling:

      * 17% of victims had money taken from their accounts

      * 19% reported compromised passwords

      * 17% were victims of identity fraud

      * 53% suffered subsequent computer problems

      * The average amount of money stolen was £543

      * The average cost of repairing damage caused to computers was £1,073 — rising to $4,800 (£2,977) in the US

      * Only two thirds of the people defrauded were able to recover the stolen money (presumably from their credit-card company), and even then, only an average of 42% of the stolen funds

      Sadly Microsoft doesn’t seam to be too interested in doing much about it.

  118. Ugh! I have been receiving these calls about once per evening all week here in Australia. Sometimes there is just a pause and Indian-ish mumble, or there will be an attempt at the scam.
    I can’t be bothered playing along anymore.

  119. Hi,
    Thanks very much for setting this up.
    I am in the UK, I found you right away on Dogpile searching for ‘Windows Technical Dept.’ after the third call from the ‘Indian voice’ in a couple of months – I asked him for his company’s name or their website, to which the phone went promptly down.
    Of course, no 1471 trace.
    How could I even consider such a thing might exist!!
    Anyway, I hope there will sometime be a way to get at these guys, as if the usual computer problems were not enough!

  120. Had a call this evening from “The Department of Windows” – it’s comical really, do they not realize how suss it sounds. I asked the guy for the Australian Company Number (ACN) of his organisation. He told me he didn’t know but the senior executives of the Department of Windows could look in to it and get back to me about it. Priceless!

  121. I had one of these calls yesterday. I’m in England. I had a very similar one earlier in the year from a company called ‘Click to Fix’. I phoned Consumer Direct and they referred me to the National Fraud Helpline, because the police were collecting information about this scam. I regularly get calls like this. There’s a tell-tale pause after you say hello, presumably while they transfer the call to India. Today it was the one about compensation claims.

  122. Well they just tried the same trick with me. When I told the Idian on the phone that I have worked in I.T. for 31 years and have no intention of letting some twit remotely access my computer EVER, there was a pause. I added that when I track him down, he will regret making this call, the excuses and rambling started so I just hung up. They keep ringing back though. Patrick

  123. i also had one of this call from a person who sounded like an russian he didn’i no how to talk in english .im in uk and i received this call on 21st march of this year and he told me that,i have downloaded som very dangerous file from internet and these are very harmful for my computer and i asked him where he is calling he was only telling me that he was from windows and not even the place where they r i hung up but after few second they again called but i didn’t answer the call

    1. It is interesting that you say you are in the UK and yet the IP address of the computer you are using is in Bangalore, also that you found this thread by carrying out a search on, odd that…

  124. I live in New Zealand and I have just had a call from an Indian guy claiming to work for,windows technical department, trying to tell me that i had malicious files on my computer, and that my computer had been sending these files to them. I took not of the department he said he was working for, and typed it into the computer, which led me to this site, I told him to stop bulls—-ing me and never call this number again

  125. I live in Canada, just got a new computer the other week and already got this call. They said it came from “Ottawa”, our country’s capital.

    I was a little concerned because I got this computer strictly for work. I mean, I work behind a secure remote desktop (SRD) but it was still troublesome.

    Glad to know it’s a scam and I haven’t done anything stupid. Thank you for posting this, it’s very reassuring.

  126. I need some help urgently!
    I was distracted at the time and just went through with what he was telling me, worried that my sister’s computer had a genuine problem.

    Has anyone else gone through with downloading the remote access software? Can I just simply delete the software off the computer or is it a bit too late for that?

    I’m hoping someone else was as stupid as me. I’m scared to even turn the computer on.

    1. The best thing would be to disconnect the computer from the internet, remove the remote access software, change the administrator password, and run a virus check to see if there is any other problem software there, before reconnecting the computer to the internet.

  127. This may help. Please excuse the shorthand.

    Just reported similar call to Consumer Direct as follows (sorry for shorthand)- they are three e-mails to other people:

    (1) Was called this morning by “Computer Technical Department” (!!!) saying I had malware on my computer and asking me to turn it on. Said they had a list of all I.P. addresses, but when I asked them for mine so that I could check if it was correct, said they were “not authorised” to give it out. They gave a number for returning their call as I said I was in a hurry now: 8082802035; but they forgot to dial 141 when phoning me, so I dialled 1471 and got their number: 0231168735. This is the way I caught them! I told them to get lost and hung up.

    If you type this mumber into Google you will be directed to “Who calls me?” and see that it is a scam. The fellow (with an Indian accent) said he was working for “Login for Speed”.

    (2) knew of course immediately that it was a scam caller: I just stayed on the line to make him think I was interested and catch him out by getting more information about him. These people have no brains. Imagine calling from the “Computer Technical Department” – as if anyone would be stupid enough to think there was such a thing! When I asked the name of his company, he said “Login for Speed”! When I asked why he thought there was malware on my computer, he said the company had a list of all I.P. addresses (which is rubbish), so I asked him for mine, pretending that I just wanted to check against mine (which I know) to see if he was genuine. I told him he must be stupid as what he said would imply that he had access to everyone’s computer and could examine it for malware. The utter brainlessness of these people! Anyhow, I caught him out. He forgot to conceal his number, which the “Who calls me?” website confirms as a scam. He was “phishing”. He would have talked people through some rubbish to try to get their passwords would then have planted his own malware on their computers. I told him I would report him to Interpol and to the police for fraud, and than I said the conversation was finished and hung up.
    I had pretended to be in a hurry and asked if I could have a number to call him back. He gave me 8082802035, which doesn’t exist and which he made up on the spot. I could tell as he obviously didn’t know it! His real number is 0231168735.

    (3) The Call Wiki Free Reverse Telephone Directory gives the following information about the number that the scammer gave me (8082802035):

    808-280-2035 / 8082802035 / (808) 280-2035 – Report a Call
    Technically, the telephone exchange switch is identified as MILNHIADCM1. The phone number 808-280-2035 is assigned to BLUE LICENSES HOLDING, LLC and the actual exchange location is in WAILUKU, HI. Other phone numbers in the 808 area code that also have comments are 808-004-4489, 808-004-5535,808-060-0692, 808-060-0702, 808-060-0832, 808-120-1902, 808-168-3830, 808-178-3073, 808-178-7749and 808-181-0000. The owner of 808-280-2035 can be obtained through a detailed report. As well, the address and number type is also available in a detailed report. Additional Number Variations: 808/280/2035 – 808.280.2035 – 808 280 2035. The description we have for the 808 area code is: Hawaii. Since 808-280-2035 belongs to the 808 area code, we also know that the local time in WAILUKU, HI is 06:19am.

    As for the UK number which was used as an intermediary (0231168735), it must be a “forwarding” number but is inaccessible if you try to ring it! Dialling 1471 returns this number but it is not available for calls.

    I’d love to catch this so-and-so and throttle him! However, he appears to live in Hawaii (where I have actually been several times)!

  128. Just had a phone call from the ‘Windows Technical Department’. Spoken to by one Indian man who then passed me on to his supervisor when he began to realise I wasn’t falling for it! The second man would not go off script and kept repeating himself. He directed me with where to look on my computer and I have to say he sounded quite convincing. He then started telling me that he could clear the problem up remotely which is when I really became suspicious. I gave an excuse and arranged for him to call again on Monday so that I had time to research and see if it was a legitimate call. Having read all these posts I can see that it clearly isn’t! Will have fun telling him where to go if he does call back Monday!

  129. I had heard through the grapevine that this ‘windows technical support’ rubbish was a scam. I would string them along like other have described but then I just told them I didn’t have a computer and they rudely hung up in my ear. I wonder what the real Windows would have to say about being impersonated by corrupt indians?

  130. I have received about 4 of these calls in the past 3 days. just then i had an indian man who was quite rude to me when i was questioning him. I asked for his employee I.D number and he kept changing the subject and he couldnt give me a number to call to verify either. I thought it sounded way too fishy so i told him not to call me again and hung up. Thought i would have a look in google to see if it was a scam and this site came up. Glad I didnt fall for it!!

  131. I’ve had lots of these calls over the past year. I usually just hangup or if my husband takes the call he enjoys stringing them along till they hang up. Had one yesterday & again today. Told the Indian-sounding guy today I only use my computer on a local network and never on the internet and my other computer is a mac so how could he help me. He just went back to his script. I told him I knew it was a scam and to take me off whatever list they use (as if.) I’ve outsmarted them I think, I’m disconnecting my landline for good and only using mobile. I guess by the sound of other comments I still might get calls but haven’t so far. Fingers crossed.

  132. I just had a call from an Indian sounding voice claiming to be from the “Technical Department of Windows”. I immediately thought it sounded fishy and when I asked his name and the answer was “Robin Watson” I definitely thought it sounded weird. I told him I couldn’t get to my computer right now and got a phone number (which I suspect is bogus) and hung up.

    1. Oh my god, just got off the phone to one then, i asked for his phone number to confirm his identity with his boss, he gave me a number which went straight to a message bank and guess what his name was…..Robin Watson! Employee id MZ07…. people be aware!

    2. I just got a call from a Lucy watson. googled windows tech support and this was at top of list. read it and hung up. thanks. thought it was all a bit fishy

  133. I got a same phone call with indian accent yesterday, told me that I have download so many programme from internat and corrupted my computer, when I told how did he know my phone no, he didn’t answer and keep telling me that my computer will crash and my firewall is corrupted and asked me to switch on the computer for checking. I told him, I have computer knowledge more than you so just shut up and told Mr. Bill gates Thank you and hanged up my phone.

  134. We had recieved a call just earlier simliar to your discription, a man with a Indian accent.
    We were unsure if he was ligitimate so we got some of his details. He gave us the address of a d supposed office in South Yarra, Melbourne.
    He was telling us we had downloaded too many files and we needed to delete of some. My brother was on the phone and he didnt realise that it sounded a bit dodgy.
    We hung up and I looked up windows technical deptarment and it came up with pages of people saying they had been scammed.
    So I called the number back asking for their job description and he said they detected when virus’ had infected computers. I asked him how he knew this and he mummbled something then said he would transfer me to his boss. At this point I knew it was a scam so I hung up.
    A few minutes later, I recieved another call, from the original caller saying he would tell me more about the virus. I said I knew more about computers and mine is fine but thankyou for is concern.
    He sounded a bit shocked so I hung up.

  135. I have had so many of these calls. Initially, I would just hang up on them. By about the 10th call over a period of approx. 8 weeks. I asked how they would know that something was wrong with my computer. I got a scripted reply. I then told them the only way a corrupt file was reaching my computer was through them and hung up. Last night 23/03/11 I got another call. This time I asked for a phone number on which I could call them back at a time more convenient. The ph no. is 399883950. The fact that the caller had a strong Indian accent and said her name was Taylor Brown did however provide me with some entertainment.

  136. 17Mar11 14.10 Just finished taking a call guiding me to the “junk files” on my PC, he knew my PC ID so quite convincing, played along whilst Googleing Windows Tech. Services and having arrived at your site told caller where he could go!! Thanks.

  137. I’ve received a few of these phone calls already. The first time i played along. After following his prompts we ended up on a website called ‘logmein’ which is a remote access site allowing anybody in the world to access your computer…. Huge scam! Me and my personal details are safe 🙂

  138. I too have had lots of these – starting in October 2010 and received another today February 24th 2011. I am in Queensland Australia. One came through on my mobile phone, and as I had caller ID I could see the number had a 234 prefix – the international code for Nigeria. My callers aren’t Indian,they are African – they cannot speak English at all well, and they read from a script with not a pause for breath. They tell me they “detected corruptions on my computer” and they will “clean my Windows” if only I will sit down and follow their technical instructions……..I have reported these calls to my phone company – but unfortunately unless you get three calls in less than five days, nothing can be done…

    1. Thank you for your comment Yvette, this suggest that the scam is spreading. I have also noticed that an increasing number of readers of this post are coming from Australia and New Zealand, which suggests that these countries are increasingly being targeted by these fraudsters. Take care, keep your computer safe.

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