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Strange voice in the early morning

It is strange how some noises can rouse you from a deep sleep to full alertness in a moment. This morning I heard one such noise, a strange voice at about 03:30, the odd thing about this one is that… Continue Reading →

Normal service resumed

Last weekend I spent an hour looking out of the window as part of the “Big Garden Bird Watch” and how many birds did I see in that hour? None, zero, nada! This is rather unusual, as there are normally… Continue Reading →

Great Grey Shrike in Edinburgh?

This morning, sitting at breakfast looking out at a dreich and misty Arthur’s Seat, I started scanning the trees nearby, just as something to do. Over the last few years we have seen a wide range of birds around this… Continue Reading →

First bird to sing

I didn’t sleep well last night, no particular reason it just happens sometimes, one consequence of this was that I was awake when the first bird started to sing. At 03:27 a robin (Erithacus rubecula) started singing followed by another… Continue Reading →

Evicting squatters

Just recently I have been watching, with some amusement, a battle between a pair of property developers and a number of prospective but unwanted tenants. This highly desirable city centre property is a renovation of an older property, but which… Continue Reading →

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