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Occasionally you come across a video which just makes you say “Wow”, Beautiful Scotland – Aerial / Drone Showreel by John Duncan is one such video. “Living in Edinburgh we’re fortunate to have some truly magnificent sights on our doorstep”, need I say more? Enjoy!

British cycling success comes at a price

British cycling success comes at a price

It is great to see the recent success of the British cycling team (note that this table may not be up to date). However, as this video shows, for some promising British athletes there can be a high price to pay.

This should be regarded as total unacceptable, no one should have to take their life in their hands to train for a relatively safe, legal activity. This is why I urge you to support the Pedal on Parliament campaign, which aims to make our roads safer for everyone. Please help us to make a change by signing the petition and joining us on the 28th April 2012.

Oh, and if anyone feels that having good quality cycle infrastructure is in some way a threat to cycle sport, have a read of this, there is no threat to cycle sport from making the roads safer for all.

This post is dedicated to the memory of Jason MacIntyre.

Which would be more likely to get you to ride?

Which would be more likely to get you to ride?

A simple question: which of these three videos do you feel would be more likely to get you to ride a bicycle? You can votes in the comments section, or add your own suggestions. The ones I put here are just three different styles. Please do suggest more!

Video 1)

Video 2)

Video 3)

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Here are a few that have been suggested by people in the comments below:

Suggested by Amoeba –


Suggested by Paul Souders –



Suggested by KatsDekker


Suggested by Txarli


Suggested by John the Monkey


Suggested by Rugg Tomcat


The things the car ads forget to show

The things the car ads forget to show

Ever noticed the way adverts for car always show empty roads, ease and convenience when driving, which is far from the everyday experience of most drivers. This wee Slovenian film shows a simple comparative test of two seemingly similar vehicles for the urban environment. Car makers please try to be honest about your products.

Kolo vs. Avto (Bike Vs. Car)

Would anyone out there, who speaks Slovenian, care to send me a transcript of what is being said? Not that you need to know to enjoy the film…

Cycling Sucks

Cycling Sucks

Not everybody thinks that cycling is wonderful, some people think that Cycling Sucks and maybe they have a point, as this Dutch student video clearly shows…

It was made as the first of two commercials they created for a school project, in order to promote cycling, unfortunately the second film isn’t available. Just in case your Dutch is a wee bit rusty, right at the start the ‘cop’ says, “Well sir, how fast have we been driving?”. The sentence at the end goes something like “Cycling is? annoying, isn’t it?”.

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