Which would be more likely to get you to ride?

Which would be more likely to get you to ride?

A simple question: which of these three videos do you feel would be more likely to get you to ride a bicycle? You can votes in the comments section, or add your own suggestions. The ones I put here are just three different styles. Please do suggest more!

Video 1)

Video 2)

Video 3)

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Here are a few that have been suggested by people in the comments below:

Suggested by Amoeba –


Suggested by Paul Souders –



Suggested by KatsDekker


Suggested by Txarli


Suggested by John the Monkey


Suggested by Rugg Tomcat


15 thoughts on “Which would be more likely to get you to ride?

  1. I would definitely give a vote to the skyride one. This one combines to go for a bicycle ride with the family and this brings lot of fun.

  2. I thought the Skyride video undersold the proposition. It’s incredibly good fun riding in formation on a led ride, chatting away whilst the leaders watch out for risks and take all the decisions about when to wait or turn.

    The third shows up how ‘poor quality’ the infrastructure investment is compared to Copenhagen, anywhere in the Netherlands or Berlin.

    I enjoyed the second but it makes me want to buy a pair of jeans.

  3. Possibly the skyride one, although when I did a skyride I actually found it rather irritating, because we had to keep stopping for pedestrians all the time. The Armani one , couldn’t identify with at all, and the London one looked frankly terrifying. If I saw that and lived in London I would give up and flog my bike!

  4. Well done. It’s time to define comfortable practical cycling. The perception of cycling in Auckland by the non-cycling public is hi viz, sweat, speed and danger. Cycling promoters have dropped the ball (so to speak). But let’s hope the All Blacks don’t at the World Cup.

    1. I have no objection to the All Blacks repeated dropping the ball next time they play Scotland, it is time we had a chance to win, could you arrange for some main stream cycle campaigners to given some coaching? 😉

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